Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, October 16, 2011

U of I homecoming

Afew weeks ago, we suited up in our black and gold to cheer on the Vandals at their homecoming game. (We lost). Given that my alma mater (Seattle University--go Redhawks!) doesn't have a homecoming, I was unprepared for the massive tailgate party that accompanied the game. Joe's uncle Dave and his wife Jean set up a few awnings with a massive food spread and we chowed down, drank beer, and listened to the radiobroadcast of the game while our kids played on the grass.

Andie & Ben play on the grass. Check out Ben's Vandal gear! I'm ashamed to say we dropped by our local Goodwill and picked up some gold shirts on our way to the party for our kids. We'll try to do better next year...although my frugal side (did you know I had one??) says spending $2 on school spirit ain't bad.

The Palouse Kaufmans. Teenie's mom, Cynthia, and sister Beth (and baby Clara) also came up.

The Phil Kaufman fan club

Dads on Duty. What better way to watch kids than sitting with your brother and having a beer?

Andie in a rare affectionate moment with her daddy.

Uncle Jeff and Sam

Andie, Jeff, and Sam. Jeff is actually holding both kids at shoulder level for this shot. Strong muscles, Kaufman!

Ben and Ellea

Who is that kid? Oh, it's Andie. I almost didn't recognize her without her omnipresent binky.

My favorite Vandal, pushing his two kiddos back to the car.
 We had a fabulous time, although I listened to ZERO PERCENT of the game and didn't even realize we lost until the next day. Yes, I am that dedicated of a fan. By that time, though, I'd already gone for a run that morning and spent four hours that afternoon playing on the lawn with my over-active children, so I was ready to go home and put my feet up/take a hot bath/drink yet another beer. Andie & Sam were equally worn out and slept the whole way home.

Good food, good company, not-so-good of a football team (not that I really care)...we'll be back next year.

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Anonymous said...

That was a great day... And awesome pictures!!!