Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, November 26, 2011

confessions of a slacker mom

The objective: Put away the crazy chaotic mess of toys that occurs when six (yes, count them SIX...we added Ben to the Co-op Kids for an evening) children 5 and under are playing in the living room.
The solution: Clean-Up Race!
(You must say it as an exclamation! Or you are missing the point! This is an exciting thing!)

1. Kids line up on the couch.
2. Set the timer for five minutes.
3. Say "GO!" and start the timer.
4.. Kids frantically put away toys, dirty clothes, books as fast as they can for five minutes. Things may not end up in the right spot, but everything magically disappears off the floor.
5. When the timer sounds, you must stop picking up and run to the couch.
6. And, the secret to my success with Clean-Up Race!: Pay each kid two marshmallows for cleaning up. Works every time. Sometimes, Sam even asks to have a Clean-Up Race! and I'm like "Ok, twist my arm. I guess I will have to give you two marshmallows at the end."

Child labor is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


Laura said...

They are so cute! I especially love how enthusiastic Noah is!

thejorgensens said...

I am LOVING this!!!! … especially the marshmallow trick!