Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, November 04, 2011

Halloween (part two)

Halloween Day itself was a full day of celebration. I took the day off so I could help take Sam and Andie's daycare trick-or-treating at the high school. I didn't include any photos here because of privacy issues, but try to picture 15 kids, 4 and under, hyped up on candy and dressed in costumes, 2 babies in a stroller, 2 babies in a wagon, and 1 crying Andie. It was a crazy, fun, loud parade as we visited classrooms. The high school kids were awesome. We visited Ms. Dinges' class, who had the big kids sing Halloween carols to the little kids. She invited all the little kids to stand up in the front, introduce themselves, and describe their costumes. Sam was all over that. He jumped up and said, "I'm Sam Kaufman and I'm a pirate" clear as day...and then proceeded to tell Ms. Dinges whom everyone was and what they were wearing.

After trick-or-treating, we headed home for some much-needed naps and (Halloween miracle of miracles) Sam and Andie NAPPED AT THE SAME TIME. So, I NAPPED TOO! Ah. I love Halloween.

I finally woke up Sam from his nap with a bribe to take him on a bike ride to the park. We loaded up the bike and jogging stroller and drove down to the levy. I'd thought I'd jog slowly (which is the only speed I jog) while Sam rode his bike, but it turns out the kid pedals like a turtle. I did a fair bit of jogging in place and circling around him with Andie in the jogging stroller, coaxing him to just go a little faster, please. After an eternity, we finally made it to the park to play for a bit before beginning the eternal bike ride back to the car.

Joe met us at the cars with some tacoes (he is such a good husband), so we could eat before trick-or-treating.

First stop: Jacquie and Earl's house, my adopted grandparents. I've known them forever and over the years, we've become part of their family. (Mary Kate, super sitter, is their granddaughter. I taught her older sister, Kristin, piano lessons many moons ago). We changed into our costumes at their house, although I didn't have my pig nose for my swine flu costume, so I was merely a Runner.
Second stop: Hank and Mary's house. Hank was Joe's confirmation sponsor and they are always so good to our kiddos. They gave out full-size candy bars! FULL SIZED CANDY BARS! I love Halloween.

Third stop: Grandma A (that's my grandma)'s house. We had great timing because my cousin Mandy, her mom, Jolie and that sweet baby Peyton were visiting, too.

 We wrapped up the night with some door-belling on Grandma's street. They have nice sidewalks (our street doesn't) and the candy was flowing free and easy. Several people commented on how clever we were to dress Joe as a safari hunter and Andie as his little giraffe. We nodded and smiled, never letting on that there was no intention behind that act, we just happened to have a giraffe costume as a hand-me-down.
 We wrapped up the night by meeting Dori at our house. Andie, in an unusual display of affection, ran out of the car into her Grandma's arms and gave her huge hug. It was rather heart-warming (any of you readers who know Andie personally can attest to this). Dori put Sam and Andie to bed so Joe and I could go to the haunted Corn Maze.
I don't do well with being scared. I tend to scream at the slightest provocation. But, I took it as a personal challenge to go through the Haunted Corn Maze. I was pretty sure I was going to wet my pants and Joe kept asking me why I wanted to do this. It just called my name. "'re not afraid? Are you?"

Well, yes, I was. I clenched Joe's hand so tightly his thumb lost circulation. I screamed whenever we encountered another person--be it haunter, fellow maze-goer, whatever. I was thankful my husband had a good sense of direction and led us out of there in under half an hour because otherwise I would have been trapped in that maze with the crazy chainsaw guy for a few hours.

As we reached the exit, I breathed a sigh of relief. Joe turned to me and said, "So, do you want to go through again?"

No, thank you. I did not. I wanted to go to Phil's nice warm trailer and have a beer. Which is what we did.

Hope your Halloween was just as happy!

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The Farmer's Wife said...

What a fun time!
And GREAT costumes.
(On FB, Joe was wearing a black moustache that made me laugh!)

Full sized candy bars are trophies aren't they?