Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If I were a vampire...

Maybe you remember my Twilight obsession? Sparked my cousin Tancie and mom-friend LeAnne, my obsession quickly consumed all aspects of my life, turning into the game "If I were a vampire". The obsession spread to my sister, Amy, and last week, she called me after watching the last Twilight movie.

Me: So, how was the movie?
Amy: Great, of course. You should go see it. Even Kevin liked it, even though I had to keep explaining everything to him. He was all, 'Why is that werewolf hanging out with that toddler?' But, I liked the whole thing. Well, mostly everything...
Me: What?
Amy: Well, you know how in the movies, no one ever does chest compressions right? When Edward is pumping the vampire venom into Bella's heart, his arms are all bent and he's hardly pushing at all.
Me: Right, right...
Amy: But, then after we got home, Kevin said, 'You know, if you were a vampire, you wouldn't have to push very hard to do chest compressions either. You'd be so strong--one little flick and you'd get that blood pumping.'

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