Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, November 25, 2011

painting 101

I'm the fun Ninang. So, I always get my delightful godchildren fun gifts: swords, guns, water tables, loud obnoxious toys. Kate, Glory, and Noah love them. Amy and Kevin hate them. They always threaten revenge, but really, they aren't as good at picking out obnoxious gifts as I am.

But, when I came across this gift for Kate and Glory's third birthday, being obnoxious was not my first priority. Sure, it was a painting project. Sure, it would be messy. But, really, I was drawn to it because it was a) a set of 4 paintable dogs that was b) a project to wile away the winter hours without c) breaking the budget.

Kevin did not view it the same way I did.

The second the girls opened the gift, they (of course) wanted to paint it. I patiently explained that they would have to wait until Ninang went home; it was something to do with Mom and Dad as a quality time/family togetherness sort of project. There was tears and sadness, but everyone seemed to understand.

Everyone except Kevin.

Kevin brought the paintable dogs down to Lewiston last weekend so I could supervise the painting. I don't think he saw it as a family togetherness project. He seemed to view it as punishment for me.

You know what? Stick it in your ear, Kevin. I'm not afraid of a little paint.

Or, a lot of paint, as it turned out. The kids had a fabulous time creating their dogs, but really, most of the paint (as you probably already guessed it) was everywhere but the dogs.

Painting time quickly changed to bathtime and scrub-down-the-entire-kitchen time. But, never one to admit defeat, I say cheerily to you, Kevin Eddy: Bring it on. I'll paint again any day.

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Team Eddy said...

It's not that we're not as good as you at picking out obnoxious toys; it's that we are not as mean as you.

But you do have a certain talent for it.