Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, November 06, 2011

the Sandman Chronicles: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

After yet another ear infection that left us struggling through our days in a sleep-deprived stupor, Joe and I decided we finally had to wean Andie off her bottle. A week later, she was sleeping soundly with the aid of only her pacifier and we enjoyed a (mostly) restful night's sleep for the first time in ages.

Sure our major nighttime challenges were behind us, we looked forward to rejoining the world of the well-rested. We made plans to exercise more, clean more, shower more and doze less, cry less, and eat less. The world was our oyster...or so we thought.

After a week of sleeping through the night, Andie decided our nights were much too boring and threw down the gauntlet.

Challenge #1: Climbing out of her crib.
Yes. I can't believe it either. Sam NEVER climbed out of his crib and still asks permission to get out of his big boy bed in the morning. One night, Sam had to go potty, so while Sam and Joe shuffled off to the bathroom, I went to clean the kitchen. Andie was yelling after them in her crib, "Andie, too! Andie, too!" and we, as usual, ignored her complaints, shushing her and telling her she needed to go to sleep.

Two seconds later, we heard a THUD. I ran into the bedroom and Andie scurried into my arms, unhurt, but she was as startled as I was that she had successfully made it out of the crib. I put her back in. She climbed back out.

No problem. This ain't my first rodeo. Joe popped up a crib tent as I looked on with smug satisfaction, sure we'd be back to our boring, restful nights in no time.

Challenge #2: Stripping naked.
Two nights later, Andie started wailing in the middle of the night and I sent Joe to check on her. A few seconds in the wailing, she started saying, "Andie potty. Andie potty. Cold." Well, that's unusual, I thought, so I got up, too.

We found our darling daughter had stripped off her pajamas and diaper...and then peed all over her bed. Again, not my first rodeo (thank you Eddy twins for instilling me with this wisdom), I put her diaper AND jammies on backwards. I'd like to see her get out of that! Joe changed the sheets and we popped that baby back into her bed.

Challenge #3: Doesn't like backward pajamas
So, at this point, we've covered our bases, but Andie still is waking up frequently throughout the night. Joe figures out she doesn't like her backward PJs...maybe the zipper is uncomfortable or she doesn't like the way the PJ legs have to twist around to make the footies fit the right way. We're feeling less smug and I return to my nightly ritual of saying several Hail Marys to beg for a good night's sleep. (Please don't think me blasphemous, but I'm pretty sure that Mary would empathize much more with a mother's prayer for sleep than God would.)

Finally, we come up with the solution of forward-facing jammies, backward diaper, and a sweatshirt over the whole caboodle so she can't easily access the zipper.

So far, so good.

Knock on wood--right now. Go outside, turn around three times and spit. Don't jinx it.


Amy said...

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Our crib-climbing, pajama-stripping girls have abandoned those night time habits. (Days are another matter entirely.)

lorettapox said...

Hang in there! Stick to your guns. It will get better soon. I'm sure of it (I think)!!!

Rae said...

love your new header photo! we've had some bad sleepin nights around here too lately....but luckily no stripped off pjs/diapers/abandoned cribs. I hope I never have to use your wisdom shared here!