Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

when bad haircuts happen to good people

In college, I used to cut my friend Tony's hair. It was super easy. A few passes with the clippers and he was done. I didn't have the same luck cutting Joe's hair, though, and a few months into our newlywed life, the charm of cutting his hair had worn off. Since then, he's left his hair in the capable hands of his barber, Sally.
So, a few days before our family pictures, I decided that Sam and I both needed haircuts. However, I was pretty sure I could trim up Sam's hair a little around the ears and save myself ten bucks at SuperCuts. One night (as I was single-mom-ing it since Joe was at a late night meeting), I scooped him out of the bathtub, wrapped him in a towel and proceeded to hack trim away.

It was a little more difficult than I imagined. A wiggly three year old who kept wanting to look at what I was doing, which led to some choppy hair.

Joe got home.
Joe: What happened to Sam's hair?
Me: Well, I thought I'd trim it up before our pictures.
Joe: Oh?
Me: It was going okay, but then Andie pooped in the bath water. She kept yelling, 'Andie poop! Andie poop!' and it just added a little tension to the whole scenario. I tried to cut as fast as I could so I could get Andie out of the tub before she touched her poop. But, Sam kept moving around trying to look at me cutting his hair and then trying to look at Andie's poop, too.
Joe: (thoughtful pause). Maybe it was time to just put the scissors down.

You know it's bad when your laidback husband whose motto is "the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks" criticizes (however mildly) your haircutting skills (skilz?). Looks like I'll be shelling out the ten bucks for Sam's haircuts in the future.

*I suppose I should mention I took these pictures about two weeks AFTER his disastrous haircut. I couldn't subject you guys to the graphic nature of the real thing. Blogger would probably censor me for offensive content.*

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Rae said...

it is totally different cutting hair for a wiggly kiddo! i applaud you for your bravery! it takes practice on a willing participant, right?

even though I have hand-shaved patient's heads, when I buzz-cut Andrew (with dog grooming clippers, ha ha) it didn't look all that great and was actually more stressful than shaving a patient's head. go figure.