Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Andie and Lola

One Saturday, I came in from raking our endlessly falling leaves/playing soccer with Sam (what? you don't play soccer when you rake leaves???) to find Andie nestled in my Lola's lap, sweetly reading a story. I don't know what surprised me more:

a) that Andie wanted to snuggle with someone who was not her mama,
or b) that my 84 year old Lola could lift my giant baby into her lap.

But, we are seeing more of Andie's sweet side as she gets older. She is still strong-willed and hot tempered, but we get more glimpses of pure joy on her face than we ever have before. Here are a few things Andie loves:
  • She loves to dance. She runs to the middle of the living room floor, stomps her feet in a circle, waves her arms around and then tiptoes while belly laughing.
  • She loves shoes. Amy, Lola, and I took a brief trip to Macy's and visited the shoe department. As soon as Andie saw all those shoes, she started clapping her hands and giggling with delight. Within seconds, her shoes were off and she was trying on every pair of shoes she could reach.
  • She loves chocolate milk. I swore I wouldn't let Andie get addicted to chocolate milk the way Sam so shamefully is, but the ban has been lifted. You try telling that cute little grin 'No' when she holds up her cup and says "Ma-mo chock-it milk peas". (That's "some more chocolate milk, please").
  • She loves the toliet. I wish I could say she loved potty-training, but I think she only wants to go because she likes putting toliet paper in the toliet, flushing it and getting a potty candy afterwards.
  • She loves Sam. She asks about him before he wakes up. She wants to everything he does--even if it lands them both in time out.
I'm not saying she is an easy baby by any means, but her goods are as good as her bads are bad. Andie-girl, you are growing up so fast. You challenge us as parents every single day, but the rewards are super sweet.

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we love you Godzilla