Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thanksgiving (part two)

We started Day 2 of Thanksgiving OverEatFest with some more roughhousing. Well, I decided to burn off some of my calories by starting the day with a run, but the rest of my family decided they would rather wrestle. To each his own.
The Altmiller family Thanksgiving feasting was equally abundant, although the pies dominated our feast. Grandma made 4 pies and Dori donated 1, leaving 1/2 a pie per person. Good thing I went for a run.

I had to share all my pie with Andie, so that meant I got to eat twice as much.

This is Baby Peyton's first appearance on the blog. She's Mandy and Jerry's newborn daughter and is so snuggly.
 While the adults recovered from their pie-coma, the kiddos played together.
Dan, Mom, Theresa, Grandma, Christina and Brandon

Joe loves pie, too.

Grandma didn't get to eat much pie because she was too busy snuggling Peyton.

Jolie and Andie snuggled their own babies.

And Sam can't wait until next Thanksgiving. (Yes, that's a slinky he's wearing as a belt).

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