Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, January 15, 2012

and the shirts come off on Sugar Cookie Day

After gingerbread houses were assembled, we started on sugar cookies. Amy had already experienced sugar cookie decorating with her children and wisely recommended we strip all the kids. Then, we formed a sugar cookie sweatshop, making those poor children frost and decorate cookie after cookie. No sooner would one tray of newly decorated cookies be filled than it would be whisked away and replaced with an empty tray waiting to be filled. Those poor kids worked their fingers to the bone.

This is Ben's "picture face".

This cookie, carefully decorated by Sam, had approximately 250 redhots on it. It was lifted very carefully onto the tray for fear the weight of the redhots might break the cookie. Later, all the Co-op Kids were most excited to eat this cookie, so they shared it, but I ended up finishing it because they all thought it too spicy. I guess that will happen with 250 redhots.

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Team Eddy said...

Well, at least our sweatshop workers were happy with their candy "salary".