Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stuff my kid says

ND is entering (?) the terrible twos and has difficulty coping with anyone telling her, "No." So, one day, when Sam was minding his own business and playing with a few cars Aunt Teenie and Uncle Steve gave him for Christmas, ND decided to snatch them from his grasp.

Sam started shrieking and grabbed them back, so ND started screaming and smacked him.

Hitting or kicking are the two offenses that will send ND to time out, so off she went. When she gets out of time-out, she has to ask her brother (her usual victim) if he is okay and hug him and say sorry. Usually, Sam says, "It's okay, ND, but try to use your words next time, ok?"

This time, though, Sam was elated and came running to find me. "Mom, ND hugged me and I just fell in love with her again!"

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