Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, January 13, 2012

sugar cookie chaos

On December 23rd, we held our first annual Co-op Kid Sugar Cookie Day. I had fond memories of making Christmas cookies, fudge and other candy, and, later as we got older, doing Christmas crafts with my Grandma, mom and aunt. This year, I decided our brood was old enough to enjoy decorating "gingerbread" (really graham crackers) houses and sugar cookies, so I invited all the Co-op Kids, Ben, Jolie and Peyton over for a sugarfest.
I stocked up on a wide assortment of decorating goodies. Teenie brought a few batches of sugar cookies, which was fortunate as she is an excellent baker. My cookies turned out not-so-pretty (but tasted good...that's why we decorate them, right?).

Lots of little hands decorating gingerbread houses. They were quite patient when they needed help with the frosting to assemble their houses; they just waited patiently while eating all the candies on the table.

Kate watching Teenie and me discuss the finer points of constructing gingerbread houses.

Ben, eyeing the goodies.

ND didn't make a house; she just ate red-colored candies.

Amy, licking her fingers.

Jolie and her daddy. She kept that dress clean throughout all the chaos.

This is the house that Glory built.

Kate's house. Built by a nurse practitioner, not an engineer. Lots of room for improvement next year.

The delicious fruits of our labor!

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