Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet William

Yesterday, we drove up to Pullman to meet Will and wish him a Happy Birthday. It was quite a party. The Waldon women and Grandma Kaufman were already there.
William Henry Kaufman--what a great name!

The Palouse Kaufmans--now a family of 4

ND was SOOO excited about the "Baby"

This was a difficult shot to get. Lights off. No flash. And a toddler clinging to my leg.

Ben has now joined the ranks of the Big Brothers and spent most of our visit playing with Sam and Sam's cars.

ND was mesmerized by Will. She kept patting him ever so gently, saying, "Baby"...and then tried to poke him in the eye. She gave Sam the stink-eye and threw a tantrum when it was his turn to hold Will.

Sam and Will. He learned about how newborns scratch their faces and need to wear mittens and how their heads have soft spots...and told Lala all about it the next day.

Cynthia, Beth and Clara...everyone was excited about Will...

...everyone except Ben. He'd rather play cars.

Welcome to the family, Will! We are so glad you are finally here.


Steve K. said...

Thanks for coming to visit!...and sharing your pictures!

Team Eddy said...

Of course my favorite picture is the last one of Will and Ben together.
It should be blown up, framed and hung in a prominent place.

Grammy (aka Karen) said...

Congratulations, Steve & Christina - Will looks wonderful! Welcome to a new world, with 2 little ones!