Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Happy 2nd birthday, ND!

Dear ND,
Happy 2nd birthday, baby girl! Two years ago, you made your way into the world, introduced us to your strong personality and have added so much delight, chaos, and VOLUME! to our little family.
Miss Natalie Doris, we are now spelling your name "ND". Sam is learning his letters and you have adamantly wanted to know what your special letters are. It was confusing to sometimes have "A" for Andie and "N" for Natalie, so now you are "ND". You are in such a hurry to keep up with Sam, reading books, writing, coloring and counting. You can easily identify your "N", especially in your favorite book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom , which you lug everywhere with you and can recite most of it by memory. You can count to a shaky 10 on a good day, probably because you often hear your mama counting to 10 as a warning to time-out. :) Colors continue to elude you, but you confidently shout out, "Red!" or "Green!" or "Pink!" whenever asked what color an object is, no matter if it's red (or green or pink) or not.

Sleep continues to be a challenge. You have to be rocked just-so, sung to just-so, covered just-so. The room must be dark. You've stopped napping at daycare and will only nap at home. I suppose I should just be thankful you are still napping at all.

You have a big smile and it melts your Daddy's heart in particular whenever you choose to shine it upon him. You love to give kisses and hugs. You love your brother and it's heartwarming to watch you two play and laugh together. You have your moments of conflict, but you two tend to get along well and help each other out. He brings you binkies and toys, you share your graham crackers.

You are starting to like other people. Your Papa Kaufman is high on your list of favorites. Baby Will, too.  Mostly, though, you remain a Mama's girl and I know I have never been so fiercely loved by anyone in my whole life.

Fiercely. That word sums you so perfectly. You love fiercely, yell fiercely, and stand your ground fiercely. Every day, you challenge your parents' creativity to come up with a way to persuade (or coerce?) you to cooperate. Lala laughs. Grandma reminds us a girl needs to have a strong mind. Ninang says she has never seen anyone as stubborn as you.

This year has brought more of your wild joyfulness, which has been a true delight. We've also seen more tantrums and frustration, which come with the territory of the Twos, I suppose. Life is never dull with you around. You bless our family with excitement and fire every day.

We love you,
Mom and Dad


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, ND! We love you oh-so-much.

Love, Ninang

Rae said...

wHAt a fiercely sweet birthday letter! happy b-day ND! 2 years goes by way too fast.

Lauren said...

Cute babies. I wish ND loved me back! Haha