Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, February 20, 2012

stuff my (god)kid says

Whenever we eat with Team Eddy, it's always a chaotic shuffling of food to plates, sippies to kids, and kids to the table. It's loud and appears quite disorganized, but admist all the chaos, we manage to guide kids to their appropriate seat assignment. Sam and Noah generally do best if they sit separately and ND likes to sit at the little table with the big kids these days.

At breakfast on Saturday, we managed to meet all of these requirements, but I somehow ended up at the kid table with Glory, Kate, and ND.

Glory: Ninang! What are you doing at the little table?
Me: Well, it just worked out that way.
Glory: But you don't fit in the chair.
Me: Yes, I do. I have a little butt.
Glory: Oh. (thinks it over). Ok.

Breakfast continues peacefully for awhile and Glory continues pondering this.
Glory: Ninang?
Me: Yes.
Glory: I have a little butt.
Me: Yep.
Glory: You have a little butt.
Me: Yep.
Glory looks at her 9 month pregnant mother, sitting at the adults' table.
Glory: My mom has BIG (she stops for a moment and thinks better of it)...My mom has a butt.
Me: (dying with laughter). Yep.

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Grumpy said...

Social Awareness . . . an amazing life skill, and she's only 3 !!!