Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome to the family, Elizabeth!

The 6th Co-op child, Miss Elizabeth Laura Eddy (AKA Ellie) made her way into the world this morning. I learned of her arrival via text message on my morning run and attempted to race back to the house to get up to Spokane and meet this new baby. My "race" pace was short-lived, so I jogged back leisurely instead. With Dori's help, we got ready and loaded the kiddos in the car. Dori headed home and we picked up my Grandma A. so we could all go to Spokane together.

Big sister Glory holds Ellie
 Of course, this meant we hit Spokane at nap time. So, my two crabby kids met their new cousin, who was crying also. It was an "Oh, my. Are we really ready for this?" kind of moment. I'd assumed that our Co-op clan was due for an easy baby who liked to sleep. It's not looking like Ellie is that sort of baby.
Big sister Kate holds Glory

At 8lbs, she is smaller than I expected. With all those big Eddy babies, I'm a little disappointed she's not a twelve-pounder. C'mon, Kevin and Amy. Really. I thought you always grew them big.

But, she is a beautiful baby who feels just right in her Ninang's arms. It's amazing how I can see similarities with each one of her siblings in her face, but she looks like her own little person.
I finally get to hold a crying Ellie...with a grouchy Sam. Two grouchy kiddos...oh, my.
Welcome to the family, Ellie. We're so glad you are here.


Laura said...

Congrats Auntie Jen!!!

Team Eddy said...

Maybe she was only grouchy yesterday, because she's been a sleepy little angel today :-) It won't last, but I thought we'd document the day to remember it!

meinou said...

Congratulations with your niece!