Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Color Run

Months ago, Deanna heard about The Color Run, a fun fundraising 5K through the streets of Seattle, during which runners and walkers wear white...and volunteers throw colored powder on them. I thought it sounded fun...and, let's face it, I knew I'd be ready for a girls' weekend after Joe got back from his safari. We were supposed to be a team of 4, but, alas, the race sold out so quickly that our other 2 teammates didn't get a chance to register.


 Not that I'm a racing expert, but I've never run a race like this before. It was totally laid back and fun. People were wearing everything from white shirts, white wigs, white tutus, and even a white tux! As we approached color stations, people stopped running and walked to get as much color on them as possible; at the orange station, a runner in front of us rolled on the ground in orange powder to get a little more color on his clothes.
 My brand new white shoes now have a totally rad 80s look to them. I borrowed a camo bandana from Darin to keep the powder out of my slightly asthmatic lungs. Today, I went to work with a slightly purplish tinge to my neck. Some patients probably thought I had a hickey.
 Our enthusiasm was slightly tempered at the finish line when we discovered that, during the race, Deanna's phone, my driver's license and my credit card had fallen out of Deanna's pocket. A few quick texts to our husbands on my phone cancelled my credit card and, fortunately, someone turned in Deanna's phone to the lost and found...well, at least, part of her phone. It didn't quite survive the fall.

I think we might be making this an annual tradition. Next time, we'll be bringing the kiddos. Can't you see Sam loving every.single.minute?

We met up with my good friend, Rae, after the race. She looked beautifully put together, as always, and offered us grubby runners a chance to shower at her workplace locker room, just down the road from our brunch place. We scrubbed off as much color as possible, donned our sweaty shirts again proudly, and ate lunch at the Eastlake Bar and Grill, where (drum roll, please) MOMS EAT FREE ON MOTHER'S DAY. That's right. FREE.
We didn't have a single child with us, so they just took our word for it...even though I offered to show them my stretch marks.

It was a whirlwind, completely fun, exhausting day. I dropped Deanna off at the ferry and then drove home, anxious to see my own kiddos on Mother's Day. When I got home that night, I found Sam asleep on the couch, where he'd been waiting for me, ND tucked into her crib sound asleep, and my 3 beautiful goddaughters and their sassy mama pulling into the driveway right behind me.

For a girl who used to strongly dislike Mother's Day, I think it may be turning into one of my favorite holidays.


Rae said...

it was fun to see you both and catch up! sounds like a pretty sweet homecoming for you Jen.

Leah said...

Looks like tons of fun! My cousin did this one too! Might have to find me on here on the East Coast :) Happy belated Mother's Day