Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, May 28, 2012

Kruze Meadows

Our weekend to-do list was long , but we decided to take one day off for a hike in Kruze Meadows in the Waha Mountains. It was just a short drive to the meadow, but long enough to build the suspense. As we passed tree after tree, Sam was practically wiggling in his seat with anticipation. We unloaded and Sam found the remains of an old campfire. He immediately fell in love with a charred rounded stick and lugged it with him the entire hike. Of course, this meant everything (EVERYTHING) was covered in ash; no, he doesn't have a black eye in the picture below...that's just soot.

 Sam loved the hike, bounding up the trail and stopping to explore every plant, stick, and pile of deer poop excitedly. ND loved the hike, too, but probably because she spent 95% of the hike on my back. She would call out orders ("Walk faster! Go, Mama!") and I, her pack mule, would obey.
 Eventually, she decided to join in Sam's fun, found a stick, and walked for a little bit until we found a place to take a rest and have a snack.
 Sam and ND's packs contained snacks, which they had thoughtfully packed. Each of us had an oatmeal bar and Sam shared his "boy snacks" (Spiderman fruit snacks) with Joe while ND and I sipped coffee and ate some Dora fruit snacks.
The weather was cool and breezy, so we didn't rest for long. We scouted out a possible camping site for next time. Then, it was back to the car and to the Waha Bar and Grill for some lunch before heading home.

And, of course, Sam's charred stick came home with us, too.


Amy said...

Hmmm..that explains why we always have to lug home giant sticks from the park.

Rae said...

Your stories about ND's 'pack mule'commands crack me up. Emma is already backseat driving (go,mmommy, go! at red lights and so forth...) so I can't imagine that I'd have any different luck as a pack mule myself. :)'

Looks like a fun outing for all!