Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, June 21, 2012

gone fishin'

While the Kaufman boys went squirrel hunting, I joined the Poxleitner/Uptmor clan and went fishing at their pond. I did a lot of fishing growing up. My Dad loved to fish and so whenever he was in charge of care during summer vacation, we spent our time together fishing. It wasn't just regular fishing-with-the-kids-fishing either. His regular rule was we had to catch our limit before we could go swimming. No limit, no swimming.

He did all the grimy stuff: baiting hooks, unhooking fish, bopping fish on the head, cleaning fish. Amy and I just had to reel them in.

So, I decided to share this tradition with ND.

Turns out I'm not such a great fisherman. I couldn't cast. I couldn't choose the right lure. I couldn't unhook the fish. But, luckily, Glenn was there to give me a few pointers.

And, luckily, the fish--they were biting!!

I managed to cast my line into the pond about ten successful times. And I caught 6 fish.
 I thought these would be prime conditions to let ND reel in her first fish. Little did I know that ND is terrified of fish. She touched one while Glenn held it before proclaiming it "yucky and scary". The rest of the time, she was happy to let Ellea hold her while I wrestled with my pole and reeled in fish.
 Loretta and Nicole did some fishing from a boat.
 And Loretta tried out her new camera.
 Shari and Blake fished for awhile, too.

 Loretta and Ellea kept ND fed with grapes, carrots, and cheese sticks. She was a happy girl.

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Amy said...

So did you get to go swimming after all? :)