Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, June 18, 2012

happy (belated) Father's day!

Dear Joe,
When we were dating and dreaming about our future, you once shared a bit of wisdom an old farmer had told you. He'd said, "When I get to heaven and God asks me what important work I did on Earth, I won't say I was a farmer. I'll say I was a father."
 You live this philosophy every day, whether it's coaxing your sassy daughter into her car seat or folding paper airplanes of every size and shape with your son.
 You have endless patience...a nice balance to my intense first reactions to, well, everything. We make a pretty good team, you and I. top it all off, you have good-lookin' forearms. Holding our children's hands really shows them off nicely.

We love you.
Happy Father's Day.

1 comment:

Team Eddy said...

What a sweet tribute to Joe.

All dads need nice forearms. :)