Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We've been blessed with an abundant strawberry patch in our backyard. We have a good system: I pick them, ND eats them. The kid can eat fifty of them at a time. She reluctantly shares them with her brother or her dad.

But, she loves to share them with Lola Oyang.

Lola Oyang (my grandma) has been spending some time with us each week. It's a beautiful system: she gets out of her house, spends time with the kids and I take her grocery shopping. In return, she folds all my laundry and brings us yummy Filipino food.

The best part: she's ND's new best friend. She lets ND cover her with stickers. She patiently listens to ND's stories. She pretends to be ND's puppy. She lets ND boss her around.

So, of course, ND loves Lola Oyang. 

 Lola Oyang stays with us Thursday and Friday. So, that means ND asks "Where Lola Oyang went?" Saturday through Wednesday.
Those two are like two peas in a pod...or two strawberries in a patch.


Amy said...

Except one is bossy and demanding and the other is a sweet Filipina lola. Other than that--I.Dent.Ical.

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