Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, August 31, 2012

our golden birthday

Today is our golden birthday. I remember in grade school, all of my friends would hit their golden birthdays (you know, when your birthday is April 7 and you turn 7 years old?)...and I would think, "It will be an eternity before I turn 31." Well, it's finally arrived and Amy and I celebrated in style. (Although, we celebrated LAST weekend because that's the day Amy had off and you have to take what you can get when you are a slave to the hospital senior resident.)
Amy booked us a couple's massage, manicures and pedicures to start our afternoon off. Yes, I still had the feeding tube in, but had it removed earlier this week. Yes, everyone in Spokane gave me odd looks. The massages were AMAZING. Next time, I think we'll just use our three hours at the spa for a massage and skip the mani/pedis.

I was feeling hungry after a hard day at the spa, but didn't really want to ruin the mood by getting out all my tube feeding stuff. Nothing really sounded good until Amy commented on the errands she'd run earlier that day. "I'm a genius. I picked up premade lumpia for my dinner party on Friday so I won't have to hand roll all those this week." I said, "LUMPIA!! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO BEFORE?". She knows how crazy pregnancy makes both of us so she graciously let me fry up some of her precious lumpia and eat them. They were delicious.

While at the Filipino grocery store, Tancie bought our birthday present: ube bread and ensaymada. The best pastries in the world. Sadly, I ran out of ube bread too quickly.

Amy booked us a room at the Davenport Hotel, which is beautiful and much nicer than the places I usually stay in. Mom and Tancie came to join us for dinner at the Palm Court Grill. Dinner tasted amazing and stayed down! A birthday miracle! (When I recounted this to Joe, I had to give him a detailed description of each thing I ate, how it tasted, and when I wanted to eat it again. I'M really excited about food, but I noticed his eyes started to glaze over after a bit, so I'll spare you the details here.)

Mom joined us for a sleepover that night. I can't remember the last time we all spent the night together with just us girls. It was a fun time...even though especially since we were in bed by 8pm!

And today, I'm celebrating by rejoicing in having my feeding tube out and Mom Kaufman is going to watch the kids this morning so I can go for a walk/run with my running buddy, Mary. What a blessed birthday!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lauren and Marcus' wedding (part...4?)

Kevin walking Tita down the aisle

Marc escorts his parents. Marc's mom was very emotional, which got me thinking about twenty years from now, when Sam gets married...and then I got all emotional. I blame pregnancy hormones.

Tom, Marc's childhood best friend and Tance were best man and MOH.

There was quite a large wedding party, but I will just highlight this girl, Hailey, who was a flower girl at my wedding.

And, this girl, Sydney, also a flower girl at my wedding. (Joe and I have been married NINE years. No wonder our flower girls are so old).

Glory (front) and Kate (back) were excellent flower girls. Amy who was acting as wedding coordinator was talking to a musician who said, "Well, apparently, there are two little flower girls, but who knows if they'll go down the ailse." Amy, offended at such a comment, looked her square in the eye and said, "Oh, those are MY girls. They'll go down the aisle!"

Noah was an excellent ring bearer.

Uncle Pat walks Lauren down the aisle.

Mr and Mrs Espinoza!

Monday, August 20, 2012

stuff my kid says

Sam is at the charming, yet annoying, age of asking questions all the time--random questions that appear from out of the blue and challenge his mother to come up with concise, age appropriate answers.

Sam: Why don't some people have grandmas?

Me: Um...well, God has a reason for everything and sometimes grandmas get really old and go to Heaven before their grandbabies are born. And sometimes, people have people who are such good friends that they sort of become the kids' grandma. And you, buddy, are so lucky, because you have your Grandma AND your Lala AND Lola Oyang AND Grandma A who all love you so much...

(I have to take a break here because I'm so pregnant and emotional and all this talk about love and dead grandmas and living grandmas is just making me cry).

Sam: Um, excuse me, Mom?

Me: Yes, honey?

Sam: I said, 'Why don't some people have cameras?'

Me: Oh.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

weekly wisdom

Maybe I didn't need to plant three squash plants after all.

Also learned that while little boys think throwing rotten tomatoes over the fence is quite fun, little sisters would rather die than touch a rotten tomato and only want to throw perfectly good tomatoes over the fence...and so must be watched Every. Single. Second. while gardening.

In other news, we're almost at 15 weeks and feeling better, I think. The tube is still in, but this weekend, I worked in the garden, cooked 2 meals, washed some dishes, and caught up on laundry...AND attended a pool party with Joe and the kids. I'm exhausted, but feeling more like my old self. Here's hoping I'm turning a corner soon. It would be nice to not celebrate my golden birthday with a tube up my nose.

Lauren & Marcus (part 3): before the ceremony

Mom and Ellie

Holy Choly and Lauren

Lauren and Lola Oyang

Uncle Mark

Two of the three Glorias

Hailey and Sydney

Holy Choly, me, and Lampie. :)

Uncle Pat, the father of the bride

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lauren and Marcus' wedding (part two)

The wedding was supposed to have quite an entourage of flower girls and ring bearers, but since I left two of them at home, the entourage was a bit diminished. Nonetheless, there were plenty of kids to dress and keep clean on a sandy beach right before the wedding.
Ellie loves her lace petticoat. The dress didn't last long. It was too hot and a bit tight for this chunky baby.

There was a shaded bar next to the ceremony site and we had fun running on their empty dance floor before we got the kids dressed.

Those pretty Eddy girls. I got their flower girl dresses at Target and Tancie made them match the older flower girl's dress with a sash and flower.

Glory, Noah, Kate, and little Lauren (Marc's cousin)

Kate loved twirling in her dress...

Tancie (the maid of honor) with the crew of kids

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lauren and Marcus' wedding (part one)

Lauren and Marcus really got married last year in a civil ceremony, just before Marc was deployed. But, none of us got to be there to celebrate and they wanted a big white wedding, so we all headed down to Tahoe to party it up.

Well, not all of us. Team Eddy and Casa Kaufman had originally planned to road trip down with all our kids, but as the wedding approached, it became apparent I wasn't really in shape for a 2 day road trip with 6 small children. So, Joe stayed home with Sam and ND while I flew down to Tahoe with Lala. (Team Eddy road tripped down as planned, showing amazing endurance!) We all arrived at various times on Thursday, ready for the wedding on Friday. Marc's grandpa was friends with the owner at a local inn, who got the wedding guests a pretty good deal on some hotel rooms near the wedding site.
Kate and Glory using up the extra wedding bubbles while everyone gets ready. The bride went for a run to soothe pre wedding jitters while Tancie, the MOH, and Amy (we called her J Lo--as in the Wedding Planner) got busy with all the details, such as steaming the wedding dress.

I felt surprisingly spry and ate a real breakfast of pancakes! I offered to take Lola shopping while I picked up some jewelry for the bridesmaids and we spent a couple hours driving around Tahoe in search of "not too expensive mint green costume jewelry, please". Sadly, at the time of this writing, I have the feeding tube back in. :(

Tancie did Lauren, Aunt Becca and Lola Oyang's hair.

The wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

Lauren and her Momma (and Tancie in the background)

Lauren wore the same veil Amy wore in her wedding, which just happens to be my mom's.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The bump at 13 1/2 weeks

Sam named this baby "Lampie" and desparately hopes it is a brother "because I already have a sister." We've come a long way in 13 1/2 weeks.

and that's the news from Casa Kaufman

Well, it's been a crazy three months at Casa Kaufman.
  • We've made it through the first trimester and I am starting to feel better. No more tube feedings. I'm eating more solid food and I haven't thrown up in 5 days. It's pretty amazing.
  • I just got back from my cousin Lauren and her new husband Marcus' wedding in Tahoe and hope to post pictures soon.
  • Joe has survived 3 months of single parenthood, which has been particularly challenging. Sam has not done well with a bedridden mother, but we feel like we have weathered the storm!
  • ND, on the other hand, is blossoming. She is growing up and this trimester has given her the opportunity to bond with people other than her mama. She and Daddy are now fast friends. She is talking more, using her binky less, and naming letters, colors and shapes like crazy (thank you, Mary Kate!).
  • Mary Kate, super sitter, and Kayleigh (fill in super sitter) did an excellent job nannying our kids this summer, which was a huge relief, given the very, very difficult summer our family has had. Unfortunately, both super sitters have to go back to school, so we've found a promising day care and the kids will start next week. We had a visit two weeks ago and I had to bribe the kids with a McDonald's trip to get them to leave, so I think that bodes well.
  • We reached the difficult decision that we need to find Doc, our super anxious Brittany, a new home. His issues have become overwhelming this summer and he would do better in a calmer household. It has been heartbreaking for me, but he will be settled in a new foster home with American Brittany Rescue this week.
  • Thank you to everyone who has helped us get through this early pregnancy! We are so blessed with our family and friends who have helped us all. Grandma K, Aunt Teenie, and Lala have pitched in with childcare and bedtime duty a ton. The Eddys came and wrangled children and cleaned house. Lala housed and cared for Doc until ABR could find a home for him. Grandma A did our laundry and brought food. My running buddy, Mary, brought dinner. Even Deanna helped from afar, sending some local 4-H kids to weed our garden. The support of our community has been amazing. Thank you for everyone's prayers. This has been the worst episode of hyperemesis we've ever experienced, but at 13 weeks, is the shortest lived as well. (At least, I HOPE it's over!).
And, that's the news from Casa Kaufman where the dad runs the show, the mom has been run ragged, and the children run around crazy.