Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lauren and Marcus' wedding (part...4?)

Kevin walking Tita down the aisle

Marc escorts his parents. Marc's mom was very emotional, which got me thinking about twenty years from now, when Sam gets married...and then I got all emotional. I blame pregnancy hormones.

Tom, Marc's childhood best friend and Tance were best man and MOH.

There was quite a large wedding party, but I will just highlight this girl, Hailey, who was a flower girl at my wedding.

And, this girl, Sydney, also a flower girl at my wedding. (Joe and I have been married NINE years. No wonder our flower girls are so old).

Glory (front) and Kate (back) were excellent flower girls. Amy who was acting as wedding coordinator was talking to a musician who said, "Well, apparently, there are two little flower girls, but who knows if they'll go down the ailse." Amy, offended at such a comment, looked her square in the eye and said, "Oh, those are MY girls. They'll go down the aisle!"

Noah was an excellent ring bearer.

Uncle Pat walks Lauren down the aisle.

Mr and Mrs Espinoza!

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lorettapox said...

WHAT??! How can that be your flower girls?!! That makes me sad considering MY daughter was also a flower girl!! How can it be 9 years ago already?