Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, August 31, 2012

our golden birthday

Today is our golden birthday. I remember in grade school, all of my friends would hit their golden birthdays (you know, when your birthday is April 7 and you turn 7 years old?)...and I would think, "It will be an eternity before I turn 31." Well, it's finally arrived and Amy and I celebrated in style. (Although, we celebrated LAST weekend because that's the day Amy had off and you have to take what you can get when you are a slave to the hospital senior resident.)
Amy booked us a couple's massage, manicures and pedicures to start our afternoon off. Yes, I still had the feeding tube in, but had it removed earlier this week. Yes, everyone in Spokane gave me odd looks. The massages were AMAZING. Next time, I think we'll just use our three hours at the spa for a massage and skip the mani/pedis.

I was feeling hungry after a hard day at the spa, but didn't really want to ruin the mood by getting out all my tube feeding stuff. Nothing really sounded good until Amy commented on the errands she'd run earlier that day. "I'm a genius. I picked up premade lumpia for my dinner party on Friday so I won't have to hand roll all those this week." I said, "LUMPIA!! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO BEFORE?". She knows how crazy pregnancy makes both of us so she graciously let me fry up some of her precious lumpia and eat them. They were delicious.

While at the Filipino grocery store, Tancie bought our birthday present: ube bread and ensaymada. The best pastries in the world. Sadly, I ran out of ube bread too quickly.

Amy booked us a room at the Davenport Hotel, which is beautiful and much nicer than the places I usually stay in. Mom and Tancie came to join us for dinner at the Palm Court Grill. Dinner tasted amazing and stayed down! A birthday miracle! (When I recounted this to Joe, I had to give him a detailed description of each thing I ate, how it tasted, and when I wanted to eat it again. I'M really excited about food, but I noticed his eyes started to glaze over after a bit, so I'll spare you the details here.)

Mom joined us for a sleepover that night. I can't remember the last time we all spent the night together with just us girls. It was a fun time...even though especially since we were in bed by 8pm!

And today, I'm celebrating by rejoicing in having my feeding tube out and Mom Kaufman is going to watch the kids this morning so I can go for a walk/run with my running buddy, Mary. What a blessed birthday!


lorettapox said...

Happy, happy bday, Jen! Hope it's a great one and everyone continues to pamper you! So glad to hear you have the tube out. Hope you continue to feel great!

Rae said...

happy 31st! glad to see you kicked up your heels and made the most of it!