Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, September 13, 2012

9 years of wedded bliss

Today is our ninth wedding anniversary. Nine years ago, we were two lovestruck youngsters who giggled when our priest mentioned that marital teamwork involved changing diapers and washing dishes. Now, we are two much wiser and older people...who are drowning in diapers and dirty dishes. So, amidst the chaos of our daily life, we decided to celebrate our anniversary with a lunch date to Red Lobster.

I, as usual, was running late at work, so I texted Joe with my order and met him there about 15 minutes late. We chowed down our food parent-style: silent shoveling it in as fast as you can. I realized we were done eating in about 15 minutes.

Jen: Now what are we going to do?
Joe: Well, I suppose we could talk.

(Yes, this is how dates go these days...)

My phone rang and I ignored it, seeing it was Lala. Never one to be put off by voicemail, Lala then texted me. "R u at lunch?"

Wanting to put a quick stop to the phone and get back to my date with Joe, I texted her back. "Yes. Date w/ Joe. Anniversary today."

Lala: Forgot. Head congestion and asthma. Congrats.

Me: Thx.

Lala: Where r u?

Me: Red Lobster. But we r almost done. It's a date.

Phone silence for a few minutes. Joe and I chitchat for awhile.

Lala: Coming.

Two minutes later, Lala shows up, smiling and happy to crash our lunch date, eat my leftovers, and prattle on about how these last 9 years have flown by.

Since we've moved back to Lewiston, sometimes it's like we have three people in our marriage.

Happy anniversary, Joe...and Lala.


susie said...

Happy Anniv to you two lovebirds! Many years ahead!!!

Grumpy said...

Happy Anniversary to all 3 of you !!!

Amy said...

Kevin and I are really grateful you two got married...and invited both of us. :)

Our last anniversary date may have been just as romantic as yours.