Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

F is for FAIR!!

Last Friday, we decided to put on our big girl panties and brave the Nez Perce County Fair. Prior to this year, the fair has seemed a) expensive and b) exhausting, but Sam has been talking about the fair for about 3 weeks now nonstop. Every day we'd see the fair being set up and the carnival rides unfolding as we drove to daycare. "F" is their letter of the week at preschool..."which means FAIR, you know, Mom", as Sam informed me. So, we planned to do it all: view the exhibits, visit the animals, listen to some music, ride the rides and eat some fair food.
There were quite a few politicians campaigning at the Fair. Senator Dan was one of them. My fellow Democrats didn't get a lot of love from the fairgoers, so Sam and I stopped to see "President Obama" and offered him some of our caramel corn. Later, Sam said, "You know, he wasn't real...right, Mom?". Right, kiddo.

We dropped $80 on wristbands for our entire family. I decided I would ignore the carnival's rule that pregnant riders were not allowed...otherwise, ND wouldn't have anyone to ride with. It's not like we were riding the Zipper or anything.  I wore a loose shirt and tried to look "fat" and not "pregnant". It one kicked me off the rides. (I did practice saying, "No! I'm not pregnant!" indignantly at home before we left).

Sam LOVED the petting zoo. He petted and hugged every animal there. ND HATED the petting zoo--except for the tortoise and the camel.

ND driving a car. I was surprised she would ride any rides by herself since she can be anxious about new situations, but she had a great time on the rides. Sam, of course, loved every single ride. There was no ride to scary or fast for him...which made his Dad ready to puke by the end of the day.

Sam wanted to be a cowboy going to the fair and dressed accordingly. ND picked out her own outfit, too, and no amount of reasoning could tell her that tights and a sweater were probably not a good idea for a hot September day...and her white dress shoes would soon be black at the fair. Another lesson in picking my battles with that girl.

This picture is entitled "Cheap Crap You Waste Your Money on at the Fair". That's a light saber for Sam and a light up binky for ND. (Thanks, Lala). Their bedrooms look like a disco. I take a little consolation in the fact that the light saber is already broken in half and I am sure the batteries in the binky will only last a few more days.

We had a great time at the fair and arrived home dirty and exhausted. Joe and I put the kids to bed and then immediately climbed into bed ourselves, eager to rest our aching old bodies. Next year we're hiring spry young teenagers to take our children on the carnival rides while we gorge ourselves on fair food.


Team Eddy said...

What a fabulous idea--hiring the spry teenagers, that is.

Rae said...

I love that you actually thought of rehearsing your pregnancy denial speech. :) did you have to use it?
And you are brave to bring such young kiddos to fair--I think we're still a few years away from that kind of craziness!