Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kaufman kid campout

It's been a pretty crappy summer for our family between me growing a baby and Joe taking care of everything else. So, when I got the feeding tube out, Joe and I thought we'd squeeze in a last single bit of summer fun for our kids with a Labor Day camp out. We thought we'd manage one single night of camping at the Poxleitners' pond in Keuterville. We packed juice boxes, snacks and sandwiches because it was too dry to have a campfire...and besides, who wants to worry about babies falling in the campfire all weekend?
Joe did 99.9% of the packing, loading and planning. I put on the one pair of leggings that fit and told him I was ready to go. Lampie makes me super heated so I was pretty sure leggings, a Tshirt and a sweatshirt would suffice. Turns out it's really, really cold on the prairie and NO amount of pregnant can keep you warm at night.
I didn't feel so hot, so I mainly sat in this chair and ate snacks.

ND climbed in and out of the back of the Pilot about 500 times.


He picked up EVERY! STICK! AND! ROCK! in a 1/2 mile radius and hauled them back to our campsite. THIS IS A SHIELD!

Lampie and I napped for a while and tried to coax ND into a nap. She mainly just wanted to try out her cot and climb in and and and out.


It started to cool down pretty quickly towards dusk, so Sam put on his all time favorite hoody. Lala bought it. It's supposed to be some sort of flight suit w/ mask deal, but really, he looks like a creepy WWF wrestler. He loves the thing. And, it kept him warm.

Pretty view

Sweet girl was excited and ready for bed. I was happy because I was ready for bed, too. Turns out ND didn't really want to sleep anywhere but her own crib. It was a LONG cold night of wrestling Baby Girl into her sleeping bag, our sleeping bag, kicking Joe out of bed onto ND's cot, inviting Joe back to our bed to warm us up in the cold, putting on ND's hat because she was cold and crying, wrestling her back into the sleeping bag.

Morning finally arrived, cold and bright. I stayed in bed while Joe made hot cocoa for the troops.

A happier ND in the daytime.

The kids' favorite part of the entire camping trip was riding in a little rowboat the Poxleitners keep at the pond. I rowed Sam around for a bit, but it turns out Joe (who seems to have a natural talent for most things) was better at it. I sat with the benched child on shore and snapped a few pictures. Both kids got a turn paddling and loved it!

After we packed up, we headed to the Calamity Cafe in Winchester for lunch and lemon meringue pie...yum!

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Rae said...

This is super ambitious, and quite funny. It's exhausting watching all that toddler energy and repetition! You look like you knew how to relax! (and pretty darn good, overall!)

And ND--wow, she is looking like a little girl! Ready to be a big sister yet?