Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, September 02, 2012

The reception (part 5...the final episode)

The reception was held at Marc's grandparents house. Let me say this: these people really know how to host a party! Marc & Lauren arranged for shuttles to take people from the beach back to the hotel, which was nice because a) the drive was long and b) if I weren't pregnant, I would have gotten a little boozy and wanted a ride home. There were so many thoughtful touches in this backyard reception...I'm thinking about hiring Marc's grandma if we have any other weddings in the future.

Those Crazy Eddys...and their fat, fat baby. This was the most we saw of Ellie all night. The Filipinos passed her around constantly.

The Cool Kids' Table. Lauren told us herself this is where she sat her young married friends with kids. I'm sure she meant we were the Cool Kids...not all her young single friends who partied it up next to the DJ.

A picture frame for guests to sign.

There was lots of wine and beer. LOTS. It might have equaled out to a bottle of wine per guest.

First dance.

Daddy-daughter dance. (I was trying a different setting on my camera; it was a flop).

Mother-son dance. During the dances, they had slideshows of their childhood pictures playing in the background...another tearjerker...except the pictures of Lauren when she thought she was a dog named Butch. That was a long childhood phase for her. Seeing those pictures just made all the sisins laugh. I'm glad she grew out of that and became a productive member of society.

Again with the thoughtful touches: Marc's grandma set up a playhouse with dolls and trucks and had a special kids' table with a lollipop centerpiece, coloring books, and other kid goodies.

Cake... the face.

Noah had a rough time after dinner when he got stung by a bee right in the middle of his forehead (the next day, he looked like a prize fighter and could barely open his eyes), but recovered and made up for lost time by dancing with all the single ladies.

Catching the bouquet!
 (Doesn't Lauren look lovely? Again, can you believe she used to think she was a dog?? Seriously...she would carry things in her mouth and walk on all fours. I digress... :)

The garter toss "winner"


Rae said...

ok that dog gig is seriously making me laugh. My little sister when thru a phase around age 6 where she always acted like a dog when swimming and wanted us to throw things for her to go fetch. Don't think she had a name, tho!

Amy said...

Hey, do you remember when Lauren used to think she was a dog?

(Sorry, I couldn't help but try to squeeze one last reference in.)

Carrie said...

I laughed for 5 minutes at the photo caption for the flower toss. :)

Maddy is going through "I'm being a puppy, Mama" phase right now. Good thing little brother won't remember!