Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gemmer visit!

My college roomie, Deanna, and I have a deal that we see each other twice a year. So, at least once a year, she loads up her husband and children and makes the long drive over from western Washington to Lewiston. I feel very loved that the Gemmers think we're worth the long trip, considering now they have 3 small children to entertain during the 7 hour drive.
I took almost zero pictures of our weekend together because we were too busy having fun. Friday, we borrowed Ben & Will for the afternoon and had fun hanging around the house. That evening, Steve & Teenie joined us for a board game night. I was slightly sad too be the only sober one at the table, but quickly found out that I was already pretty impaired by pregnancy brain and the late hour.
Saturday, Deanna took our family pictures (which I can't wait to see and will post the second I get them!). We celebrated surviving another photo shoot with small children by eating lunch at McDonald's.
Their visit was all too short and they loaded up on Sunday to drive back home. Fortunately, I had a conference to attend the following weekend in Seattle, so I got to see the whole crew the next week.
Sam doesn't spend much time around girls his own age (other than his cousins), but had a good time with Daisy and Dani. I'm not sure the Gemmer girls spend a whole lot of time around boys either. Sam and Dani were going potty when I overheard their conversation about their differing anatomy. Dani remarked that Sam had a "peanut" while Sam informed her that girls didn't have penises, they had "Parmesans". We'll have an anatomy lesson when everyone is older...

Saturday evening, we went to the corn maze and got back late and hungry. Darin bathed and dressed all the kids while I hurriedly got dinner on the table. Joe snapped a picture of story time during the chaos.


Deanna said...

Such a great time! No pictures from playing outside?

Jen said...

I forgot about those! We'll have to do another post...