Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Summer has ended and yet, my children beg to go swimming every day. It doesn't help that we daily drive by our neighbors' house where we pool-partied it up once this summer and all the fun they had during that one afternoon is burned into their little minds so firmly. So, I was shopping around for a fall extracurricular activity and conned talked Teenie into joining us for tumbling classes. Grandma K comes too to help wrangle the brood. 
That's me and ND on the left near the big gray mat and Teenie and Ben on the yellow mat.
 It's been a huge hit with the three cousins. Ben and Teenie and ND and I are taking a Buddy and Me class for kids under 3. Basically, it's like herding cats around a bunch of obstacles and trying to get them all to take turns. But, the kids love it and it seems to produce a better nap time, which this pregnant mama is all about.
Sam, Will, and Grandma K wait patiently through the first class until it's time for Sam's class. The 4 year old class is much more structured and ND and I watch as Sam waits his turn and follow directions to jump on the trampoline, forward roll, etc. Afterwards, we celebrate our fun morning by going to McDonald's.

It's been a fun Friday activity and now it looks like our Fall extracurricular will also be our Winter extracurricular, too.

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Christina Kaufman said...

Yay! We're excited to spend our winter Fridays with you guys too! Who knew my uncoordinated toddler could do the things he can at tumbling!