Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, November 02, 2012

Carving pumpkins

This year, we grew "jack-o-lanterns" in our garden. The pumpkin vines swarmed our garden and stole water from our lawn (we have a dead spot in the lawn adjacent to the garden to prove it), but in the end, we were pleased to have four nice pumpkins to show for it.
One rainy Friday afternoon, Sam, ND, and I decided it was high time to carve our pumpkins since it was only a week til Halloween. We donned our aprons and Sam carefully drew plans for pumpkin faces out on paper. ND dictated what she wanted hers to look like and Sam patiently drew a face out for her as well. We were ready to carve pumpkins!
Well, almost ready...first we had to scoop out the guts. See ND's stink eye? That's how she feels about pumpkin guts. Sam and I tried to encourage her to stick with it and I even got her some plastic gloves, but she quickly decided this task was too yucky for her and abandoned the project, leaving a trail of pumpkin guts and seeds behind her.
Sam, trooper that he is, helped me scoop out both pumpkins. After they were gut free, I drew their faces on and Sam watched me carve his pumpkin. Sometime during all of this, Joe came home and got our sticky kids into the bathtub while I finished up. I hinted to Joe, "You know, when I was growing up, my Dad did all the pumpkin carving...". Turns out, Joe is not so quick on picking up on hints. :)

Sam's pumpkin is on the left with "D shaped eyes, a circle nose, S shaped ears and lots of teeth with a chin". ND's is a "a happy pumpkin...with eyelashes".

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Christina Kaufman said...

Hmmm my husband isn't so quick at picking up on hints either. They must be related.

The pumpkins look fantastic! Good work, guys!