Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Confessions of a slacker mom: Vodka

Stop. Take a deep breath. Don't worry--I haven't started drinking during pregnancy.

This post is about my shameless obsession with food.

Ever since I could keep food down again, I have been obsessed with food. What to eat now. What to eat for my next meal. What to eat tomorrow. What might sound good in the middle of the night. What food to dream about. I have poured over cooking magazines to the point that Joe calls them my "food porn". I read recipes endlessly. I look at cooking websites. I draw the line at watching the Food Network, though....that's how I gained 50lbs when I was pregnant with Sam.

This month's Cooking Light magazine arrived (double issue, woot!) and I found a recipe for apple pie whose crust is made with walnuts. It's only a mere 280 calories a slice, so I figured "Let's make the pie and it won't matter if I eat the whole stinkin' thing!" (That's how I roll these days). One of the secrets to this low calorie crust is a little bit of butter and a little bit of

That's right. Vodka.

It is supposed to evaporate during the baking process and create a light, flaky crust. I've never been able to make pie crust. Ever. So, I thought, "Past experience be damned. Let's get some vodka!"

Now, in Idaho, we still have liquor stores. You can't just pick up your booze while you're doing your grocery shopping. You have to drive to a separate store that only sells liquor, so EVERYONE who sees you knows that you are there TO BUY LIQUOR.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. Joe was helping his dad and brother with some irrigation stuff. I desperately needed to make this pie. But, we had no vodka.

So, I loaded up Sam and ND and I took my big ol' 6 month pregnant belly and two small children to the liquor store. To buy vodka. For my urgently needed pie.

We weren't the classiest looking bunch. ND and I had post nap hair, a little lunch on our shirts, and my wedding ring hasn't been fitting, so I've only been wearing it for special occasions.

This wasn't one of those occasions.

Sam actually looked pretty 4 year olds go.

We opened the liquor store door and every customer and clerk stared at us. Turns out, vodka is located in the back of the store. So, we walked across the store and I mused at what sort of vodka we should buy. Then our entourage waddled to the front of the store and made our purchase.

Me to the clerk: Thanks. It's for a pie.
Clerk: Uh-huh. That'll be $10.49.

Still not sure if she didn't believe me or if she just didn't care. But, she did compliment Sam and ND on being that makes me think I'm not the only one who brings small children to the liquor store.


Christina Kaufman said...

Love it!

mom-friend said...

Haha! Hope you bought the potatoe vodka you are an Idahoan after all!

Rae said...

How did it turn out? I feel like I get the stink-eye for buying beer at the grocery store for Andrew!