Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Teenie, a friend Julie, and I are taking a beginning digital SLR class on Mondays in November. Teenie found out about the class a few months ago and talked us into signing up with the promise of taking better pictures, going to dinner before class, and spending 2 hours a week skipping out on bedtime. SOLD! I sent my registration in that day.
Turns out, I'm not quite the student I was ten years ago. I neglected to bring any paper to take notes with...nor did I charge my camera battery prior to class. Then, I slacked off on my homework for most of the week because it took me several days to find the battery charger. (Actually, it took several days of me whining about my dead battery for Joe to find my battery charger. It was in our bedroom closet under some sweaters. Organization is not our forte).
By that time, the church bazaar was fast approaching and I'd committed to making cakes for the cake walk. So, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone by taking pictures of the cupcakes. First, though, Joe snapped a few of ND and me making cupcakes and a TON of buttercream frosting. (Sam was spending the night at Grandma K's house, so it was fun--and MESSY--to do a project with ND).
That's chocolate frosting on ND's forehead. I know my eyes are closed in this picture, but the grin on ND's face was priceless.

Dumping in the powdered sugar.

Turning on the mixer. The taste of buttercream frosting takes me back to my days of 4-H cake decorating...when I ate so much buttercream in the form of messed up rosettes and sloppy stars that I thought I'd never be able to eat it again. Turns out I got over that. :)

A "zebra" cupcake. This was on the auto-portrait mode. The light wasn't so hot without the flash, so I opened some blinds and changed to smaller aperture.

Better light, but we had a run of blurry pictures with these settings, so I also had to adjust the shutter speed.

Showing Daddy her cupcake

Playing with the macro setting...a little blurry, but got better after bracing my shooting arm on the counter.

A plate of zebra cupcakes (on animal plates), shot in manual mode. I love that the light meter makes manual (for still objects, anyway) pretty foolproof no matter how I mess with the settings.
So, get ready for blog posts featuring my later photography assignments. I suspect that if I get to pick the topic, you'll be seeing lots of pictures of food and small children.


Deanna said...

Love those first few shots! Can't wait to see more.

Christina Kaufman said...

I totally understood every word of photo-lingo in there! Maybe we are learning after all?

Laura said...

Can't wait to see more of your lessons. I have been wanted to take a photography class for a long time, I really need to just do it. In the meantime, thank you for making me hungry for cupcakes :)