Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eddy visit

We haven't seen much of Team Eddy lately. The last time they came down, I had a feeding tube in my nose and was a little worried that my days were numbered, so I texted my sister "Can you come visit me tomorrow?" and she dropped everything, loaded up her children and husband and came to my house to do laundry.
We've seen them a few times since them with a few visits to Spokane, but their last weekend trip got cancelled at the last minute and Amy and Kevin's work schedule has been ridiculous to schedule around. Amy's now working a 6 day a week rotation in the ICU and has little time for her old-bon-bon-eating ways while Kevin is coaching and chasing their four children constantly. Still, I needed me some sister time, so I called Amy last week and we had a two minute phone conversation in between putting our children to bed. She texted me about an hour later and said she and Kevin were bringing the whole fam down the following Saturday. Whoo hoo!

They arrived at lunch time and left shortly after dinner, leaving us with 6 short whirlwind hours to take kids to the park in the freezing wind, lose Kate briefly, walk back, have the guys pick up Schatzi's dog house from Lala's, play with legos, fight over legos, play with a balloon, run around screaming, fight over a balloon, and eat dinner. We were all pretty tired by the time pajama time rolled around and the Eddys loaded up their brood into their van.

But, we were so glad to see them and can't wait to see them again at Thanksgiving.

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