Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gemmer visit (part two)

So, my pregnant brain forgot that I actually DID have some pictures of the Gemmer visit until Deanna reminded me.
Group bedtime story. Darin bathed the kids and read them a story and Joe snapped a picture. ND is significantly happier in this photo than she was about 10 minutes prior when Uncle Darin was shampooing her hair. We're all glad they made up.

Cowboy Sam in the backyard on Friday afternoon. We took all the big kids in the backyard while Leyla and Will napped inside.

Dani telling her mom some important details about playing in the sand.

We played some game of freeze/frisbee tag that Sam had invented. The rules were a little sketchy.

Joe set up a tent he and Sam found at Goodwill. ND and Ben liked playing in it.

Watching a movie after running around all afternoon while ND and Jen took a nap.

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Dick & Jackie Driver said...

Thanks for the pictures of Deanna--she is always taking them on her blog! Loved all the pics!