Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy Halloween!

All in all, a successful Halloween celebration. We started partying it up a little early by buying some "zombie eyes" at the church bake sale. They were DEE-licious.

 On Halloween morning, we woke up and scrambled to find our costumes. We had long ago decided to be a cowboy family and had spent many a Saturday combing through thrift stores to find our perfect costumes. Unfortunately, Sam and ND were SOO excited about their costumes, they would frequently take out pieces for dress-up or play and then promptly lose them. Come Wednesday morning, I was the only one who knew where all the pieces of my costume were. We did a bit of last minute improvisation and I picked up some bandanas (again) on my way to work, so we were ready to trick or treat that night.

Jolie joined us for trick-or-treating. Her daddy got sick (but is recovering!) while he was deployed and so Mandi is down in Texas, hanging out in the ICU. Sam and ND frequently ask to have Jolie spend the night, so this was a perfect opportunity to do just that.

Uncle Noy also joined us. Sam wanted to know what Uncle Noy's costume was supposed to be. Turns out, Uncle Noy wasn't in costume. Those of you who know Uncle Noy even a little bit know he is, um, really frugal and would rather die than overspend on anything...let alone clothing. He thrives on thrift store finds and hand-me-downs. He shamelessly trick or treated with the kids and I was a bit surprised when adults actually gave him candy. I scrutinized his outfit a little more closely and decided he looked like a homeless wonder the adults gave him candy!

I tried to tell Uncle Noy this, but I kept laughing so hard I'm not sure he understand my epiphany. Then I had to start thinking about other things or laughing was going to make me pee my cowgirl pants.
See how no one is wearing a coat? It was a balmy 60 degrees at 630pm. I love Lewiston. This would never, ever happen in Idaho Falls.

 First, we did some door-belling around our neighborhood. For weeks, all Sam and ND have been able to talk about is "the Halloween House". It's been decorated with lights and spooky decorations since mid September and we were finally going to visit it. They had flashing lights and a smoke machine, too, so it was extra spooky.
Seriously, does he NOT look like a homeless man? I love giving Uncle Noy a hard time.

After touring our neighborhood, we hopped in the car and did some trick-or-treating at Grandma A's and Hank's, making our final stop at Aunt Teenie's, where cheese soup, popcorn balls, cookies, and caramel apples awaited us. We partied like it was 1999...and then realized it was 9 o'clock and we needed to get our brood to bed. Everyone cried on the way home (well, not Jolie so much...and not Joe so much) from too much fun.

Happy Halloween!


Amy said...

Cute kids. So nice of you to invite a homeless man to tag along. :)

mom-friend said...

This year the weather held for us and it was balmy down here too! We all commented that it can be warm the day before and the day after but on Halloween it is ALWAYS freezing!