Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kate and Glory's birthday

Kate and Glory are--wow--4 years old and we celebrated their birthday the day after Thanksgiving by going out to the movies and then out to lunch.
I've been trying to come up with "experiences" as presents instead of more toys to fill their already over-full house and initially wanted to take them to Disney Princesses on Ice, but after finding out it would be $400 plus to take the girls, we decided instead to take all the Co-op Kids (minus Ellie) to Wreck-It Ralph and out to Dairy Queen for lunch.
 (Side note: Wreck-It Ralph was too scary for everyone except Noah. Keep that in mind for the 4 and under crew. Joe and I took turns taking scared kids out to the lobby for a break from the action).

 After lunch, we headed home for ice cream cake and presents. Noah was up late with Lala for a special night the night before and wasn't feeling in the most celebratory moods, but he perked up after some cake.
the birthday girls

opening presents from Aunt Deanna and Uncle Darin

Ellie and Lala

I thought he looked a bit Zoolander-ish in this photo. No wonder my sister can't resist him.

Amy and Kevin. Amy wasn't feeling so hot that day, but she perked up after a morning nap while the rest of us were at the movie.

After cake, ND & I had a nap and Lala took K&G out to buy their birthday presents. The rest of the kids glommed onto Ninang and watched a movie on MY NEW KINDLE FIRE. (It's amazing and I don't know how I've lived this long without one).

Then, Kevin and Joe took turns chasing the big kids around while we waited for Lala and the girls to get back. The Eddys left at bedtime since Amy's on call at midnight tonight. What a crazy full two days!


Deanna said...

Looks like fun! And thanks for holding on to those presents from us.

Rae said...

If you enlarge the photo of them opening the Fancy Nancy books, one of the girls (I have no idea which :) is looking *very* skeptically at her book...can't believe it's been 4 yrs! I think I met them when we were both early on in pregnancy with our now almost 3 year old girls!