Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I can really throw a birthday party

Last Sunday was Joe's 32nd birthday. Man, he's getting old. Sam thought he should have a Star Wars birthday. ND thought he should have a Dora birthday. We had a long talk about how we should think about what DAD would like for his birthday party and settled on Star Wars with a camo happy birthday banner. ND did have a hand in planning the menu and picked pink ice cream for her daddy.
The kiddos and I made the birthday cake. I took the easy way out and slapped a Darth Vader mask on top for decoration.
Then, I invited over some of our very favorite people: the Uncles, Grandma and Papa K, Grandma A, Aunt Teenie, Ben and Will.

Here's my secret to throwing a great birthday party: invite a lot of nice people who like to cook. I tossed a ham in the oven and made some gravy while Teenie brought a salad, Grandma K brought fresh bread and Grandma A brought mashed potatoes. I practically did nothing...except for talk my husband into vaccuuming before his own birthday party.

Dinner was amazing. Teenie and I sat with the kids at the kids' table and the rest of the crew ate a relaxed meal in the dining room. Then we sent the kids out to sit with the grown ups for birthday cake and ice cream.

Afterwards, those nice ladies cleaned up my kitchen. Seriously. It was the easiest birthday party I've ever thrown.
Then Baby Bill had to go to bed, so his parents plopped him in Lampie's crib and we headed downstairs to listen to the Kaufman Brothers' band strike up a tune. ND danced and danced. Lampie did a little dancing, too, which Sam got a chance to feel. I told him the story about the first time he heard music (a band was playing at my office Christmas party and he leapt in my womb!) and it was fun to watch Sam's eyes light up when Lampie would kick when he heard the music, too.

The party ended around 10pm with Sam deciding it was high time to go to bed and putting himself in his PJs without even being asked. Natalie Doris, on the other hand, insisted it was NOT time to go to sleep and she did NOT need a night time pullup. Sigh.

Happy birthday, Joe! Here's to a great year ahead.


Team Eddy said...

Did Sam lick the frosting off that mask before he put it on?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, are you still throwing a party? We need some "new" updates from you. Love ya