Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, January 31, 2013

off in Lala-land

A few weeks ago, Joe and I drove over to Lala's house to feed Moka while she was out of town. I stayed in the nice warm car while Joe let Moka inside, fed and watered her, and tucked her in for the night.

Joe: Your mom's fridge is empty except for dog food and beer.
Me: Oh?
Joe: It'd be perfect...if I were an alcoholic dog.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

twelve days of Christmas (part eight)

Ok...the last of the Kaufman Christmas pictures.
Papa and Grandma got ND some clothes for Christmas. She was a huge fan.

Uncle Jeff schools Sam in the fine art of foot massage.

Steve, Christina, and Ben (Will was napping)

Motorcycle boots

Aunt Teenie & Uncle Steve got Sam a book with instructions to make every kind of paper airplane imaginable. I've been folding a lot of paper lately.

Sam helps Uncle Steve open a present.

Fat and sassy...I parked in my recliner and let everyone bring presents to me.

Sam, Ben and ND were a roving band of gift unwrappers.

Ben opening a gift.

Papa and Uncle Phil mounted Joe's mule deer antlers from last year for Sam to hang in his bedroom. Uggh...taxidermy. But, it's hard to argue with Sam's big smile.

Aunt Teenie spoiled me with an ear warmer and infinity scarf she knitted. Turns out they're pretty nice to wear when your doula makes you walk miles in the frigid night air to induce labor. :) Teenie also gave me wooden spoons. My mom used to keep a wooden spoon in each room of the house and wave them at us to be quiet when my dad was working graveyard (I think she was sort of threatening to spank us with them, but never did...she was a big time bluffer). I thought it was nice that these three spoons were color coded--one for each child. :)

ND and Ben inspect her new sticker book.

passing the time with Play-Doh

I am in this frustrating purgatory of pregnancy. I have mild Braxton-Hicks contractions all day and I just keep waiting for them to escalate...but they don't. In the meantime, I wonder if I should be going back to work rather than spending my maternity leave before my baby even gets here. At the same time, if I go back, I could go into labor and have to cancel my schedule...yet again.
So, I've settled on trying to enjoy my time at home, getting baby projects done and spending some quality time with Sam and ND before the chaos of a third baby disrupts our already chaotic lives.
On Friday, I began to trust that there was a Divine plan for delaying labor when Natalie woke up several times in the night screaming that she was going to "throw up!" and would only sleep with a bowl beside her. Sam wet the bed and required nighttime laundry. I realized that adding a nursing newborn to the nighttime mix would have bordered on hell and for the first time this week, was thankful I'd only had false labor.
Grandma K came over to take Sam to gymnastics and then stayed for lunch and Play-Doh after gymnastics. The woman is a God-send. ND had perked up a bit by then and was ready to join in the party.

Soon, we'll have a baby who wants to eat the Play-Doh. As of this writing, ND is feeling better and I'm ready for Lampie to get here!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

waiting for Lampie

After waiting on pins and needles for labor to kick back in, we sort of realized nothing was happening and probably wouldn't. Deanna made plans to go back home so she could come back when (if??) labor ever kicks back in. But, she did get a few snuggles in and read a bedtime story to ND during her short trip.

new dishwasher

 I have been dreaming about a new dishwasher since we moved into our house. At one point, I gave up on the dishwasher entirely and started washing all of our dishes by hand. After buying our minivan, an atypical flood of consumerism was unleashed in my husband. He called me at work one day and said, "Let's buy a dishwasher." We met at Largent's over my lunch hour. I brought my A-game, citing Consumer Reports and making my case for my new Bosch dishwasher. Joe quickly agreed and, still riding his wave of consumerism, said, "Ok. Let's go look at new gas ranges."

Who are you and what did you do with my husband?

So, I got TWO new appliances (well, the range had to be ordered).

Look at this crusty casserole dish. Didn't rinse it. Just put it directly in the dishwasher and--poof!--it comes out clean. Lovely! Amazing! Fabulous!

A dream come true.
It's really the little things in life.

Monday, January 28, 2013

twelve days of Christmas (part seven)

We ended our week of Eddy Christmas by taking all the kids bowling. It was a bit like herding cats, but once they got those little bowling shoes on their feet, they were ready to go.
Sam, as usual, was just excited to be there.

I ordered Lampie and me a chocolate milkshake. Amy asked if we could split one, so I ordered her one, too. Turns out the kids drank them both. Stinkin' kids. Always having to share my goodies with them.

Kevin, as usual, was just excited to be there.

Amy--good at everything except bowling. Later, Noah was feeling pretty bummed that he didn't win and I explained that it was probably genetic because his mom wasn't any good at bowling either. He replied, "But my dad is!"

Ellie--even without a nap, she was pretty happy.
Uncle Joe coaching Kate.

Natalie with her Daddy.

Waiting to bowl

ND and Smelly

The whole crew

Mission: Minivan

After a lengthy debate, Joe and I agreed that a minivan would be our best choice in shuttling three small children. My criteria: automatic doors, leather heated seats (lovely on my aching lower back), and a DVD player. Simple enough. This meant Joe spent months combing through ads, reading reviews and visiting local car dealers and private sellers to find just the right one. And, finally, the week after Christmas, he brought home our 2006 Honda Odyssey.
But that meant it was high time to sell our ratty old Honda Civic. It's been well used. Joe and I bought it shortly after we got married almost ten years ago and put 200,000 miles on it. It looks like a messy mom with two little kids ride in it every day (poptart crumbs abound!) Luckily, it was very easy (TOO easy?) to find a buyer. My dental hygienist saw me getting into the Civic after an appointment and followed me out to quiz me on the pros and cons of the Honda Civic. I mentioned we were selling it, she asked a price and I came up with one. How did I come up with this price? Did I do any research? Did I query Blue Book? No, I just pulled it out of thin air.
The price, I guess, was insanely low and she happily agreed right away.
Joe, on the other hand, was less pleased with the deal. I guess he'd already negotiated a better price with a different buyer, but when I brought up that this woman would be working on our teeth for the forseeable future and I'd hate to go back on our deal, he agreed that we should just move forward.
He did request that I never sell another one of our vehicles again, bringing up the time I sold his Jeep without asking him. In all fairness, the Jeep needed a ton of work and burned up a disproportionate amount of our meager income in grad school, so when his uncle expressed interest and asked about a price, I said, "How about a pack of gum?".
Anyway, we sold the Civic for a song.
Which meant that we needed to get all of our crap out of it and get it off to its new owner. I thought we'd unstrap the carseats, throw out some trash and be back inside in about 5 minutes.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bigger project...more like an archaeological dig. We kept uncovering layers of toys, school projects, immunization handouts, fruit snacks, empty juice boxes, PopTart wrappers and smashed Cheerios.

 Joe, as usual, did about 90% of the work since his wife can't really bend around her belly. I entertained the kids, who were thrilled to take a pretend drive to "Africa" and sit in the front seat--quite the novelty in this day and age of eternal carseats and airbag warnings.
Civic-you've been a good car to us and, in my current state of hormonal sentimentality, I was a little teary saying good-bye. But, we're all thrilled to have our Odyssey...which means Lampie can come any time now.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

twelve days of Christmas (part six)

More pictures of our Eddy Christmas....
Glory (pictured), Kate, and ND had a great time playing in the princess tent. Schatzi often sought refuge in the tent when the chaos of six kids chasing her got to be a little too much.

Ellie was a bad-sleepin' baby unless she was strapped to a parent.

The Co-op Kids played Rock School. This was a game our elderly neighbor taught us when we were about six or seven. You sit at the bottom of the stairs and have to guess which of the "teacher's" hands hold the rock. If you guess correctly, you move up the stairs. If not, you get "held back" and stay on the same step. Noah was the teacher. Note his new watch that he got for Christmas. He took it as his personal responsibility to update us all of the time. "Ninang, do you want to know what time it is? It's 6:02. Do you want to know what time it is now? It's 6:04. If anyone wants to know what time it is, then just ask me. It's 6:05."

Playing Angry Birds on the Kindle

Grandma A snuggling Ellie with a bottle.

Lala got ND this dress up outfit for Christmas. It's a little big, but ND was thrilled.

twelve days of Christmas (part five)

It was Team Eddy's year to spend Christmas in the Tri-Cities, so after Christmas, they swung through Lewiston to continue the celebration...and give a certain promising young resident an opportunity to interview at our local hospitals for possible jobs next year.
No strangers to hard work and chaos, the Eddys watched all of the six Co-op Kids while making a delicious Christmas feast for the Altmiller side of the family. (I was at work that day and, frankly, am not really that useful when I'm pregnant. Joe ended up driving to Spokane to buy us a mini-van to accommodate our three carseats and couldn't convince a single child it would be a fun adventure to join in).
Grown up table

Mandi and Jolie opening presents. Mandi gave birth two weeks ago and is amazingly organized for a mom of three while her husband is in Texas...although he comes home this weekend!

The Eddy girls: Ellie, Kate and Glory


Natalie Doris got her first set of jewelry and was thrilled.

Noah and Sam were pretty good buddies the whole week. They played with their Batman/Joker building sets and remote control cars with the kind of enthusiasm only little boys seem to have.

Mr. Dan and Lola Oyang

Lala and Smelly Ellie

ND & Sam made everyone salt dough ornaments for Christmas and Grandma A really enjoyed her purple star.

Uncle Noy

Aunt Becca took a few days off to spend in Orofino and joined the party with her usual sidekicks, the dogs.

Kevin found all the partying exhausting.