Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

a plague on our house

All right, all right. Sorry for the long hiatus. This slacker mom just couldn't cope with the holidays AND blogging...and then the plague hit our house.

It started after we celebrated Christmas with Team Eddy. I woke up in the morning feeling much lazier than usual and threw up a few hours later. I went to bed for the rest of the weekend, not caring what happened to my children or husband, but vastly reassured that my super capable twin sister was there to help smooth their way. I also didn't feel guilty that she had to watch my brood since she did, after all, have the nerve to have Guillain-Barre several years ago and now owes me infinitely for the years that took off my life.

Fortunately, things seemed to get better, although my GI tract has yet to settle down. Joe was sick all of New Year's Day and spent it all in bed. He later lamented that he should have at least gone out drinking so he'd have a reason to sleep the day away. We are too stinkin' old for that, my friend.

On the bright side, since we cancelled our plans for New Year's, Natalie Doris decided it was high time for her to stop wearing Pull Ups and now is 90% potty trained. Give the girl a jelly bean every time she pees (and about fifty of them for when she poops) and the world is now our oyster.

I thought we were in the clear, but Thursday of that week, Sam came home from school and went directly to bed. He woke up about 11pm with a fever and, being sure I'd already had what he was now suffering, he and I snuggled on the hide-a-bed for most of a sleepless night. My body is definitely too large for a creaky hide-a-bed and Sam felt the need to sleep on top of me the whole night. Lampie wasn't such a fan of that arrangement.

By Saturday, everyone in our house was healthy. I felt blessed that we had weathered the storm. It was a glorious day of doing laundry, playing legos, and washing dishes. I was just happy that no one was puking or crying.

Of course, all that ended Sunday. I woke up feeling fluish and ended up going back to bed as soon as I got home from church. I woke up about 4 hours later and realized I hadn't felt Lampie move since I was at Mass and he kicked Natalie Doris in the back. (I didn't know it was possible for siblings to fight while one was still in utero but by the tongue lashing ND gave Lampie, now our whole church knows it).

I drank some fluids but when that didn't cause any movement, I headed to the hospital. I had a fever and both of our heartrates were high, so they kept us for awhile while I got some fluids and Lampie's heartrate finally came down.

Yesterday, I gave in and finally got some antibiotics because I was still running a fever. Joe's at home today with a cold and 2 sick kids. We'll post some pictures of our glorious holiday adventures once this all dies down.


Rae said...

What a sucky way to ring in 2013! Gah. I hope you are all on your way to feeling better and that the rest of this month is *uneventful* especially considering that Lampie will be arriving soon!

Laura said...

Get well soon Kaufman family! We miss hearing your stories.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kaufmans. We miss hearing from you. Get well soon, we need some ND and Sam humor!