Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

passing the time with Play-Doh

I am in this frustrating purgatory of pregnancy. I have mild Braxton-Hicks contractions all day and I just keep waiting for them to escalate...but they don't. In the meantime, I wonder if I should be going back to work rather than spending my maternity leave before my baby even gets here. At the same time, if I go back, I could go into labor and have to cancel my schedule...yet again.
So, I've settled on trying to enjoy my time at home, getting baby projects done and spending some quality time with Sam and ND before the chaos of a third baby disrupts our already chaotic lives.
On Friday, I began to trust that there was a Divine plan for delaying labor when Natalie woke up several times in the night screaming that she was going to "throw up!" and would only sleep with a bowl beside her. Sam wet the bed and required nighttime laundry. I realized that adding a nursing newborn to the nighttime mix would have bordered on hell and for the first time this week, was thankful I'd only had false labor.
Grandma K came over to take Sam to gymnastics and then stayed for lunch and Play-Doh after gymnastics. The woman is a God-send. ND had perked up a bit by then and was ready to join in the party.

Soon, we'll have a baby who wants to eat the Play-Doh. As of this writing, ND is feeling better and I'm ready for Lampie to get here!

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