Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the day we DIDN'T go into labor

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling the best I've felt since I got pregnant: ENERGETIC! OPTIMISTIC! ENTHUSIASTIC!

It sort of freaked Joe out.
Then, we both recognized it for what it was: nesting.
This ain't our first rodeo.

I felt exactly the way I did the day I had Natalie Doris. I got up and started setting up the nursery, having fairly regular, mild contractions. While Joe and I worked on the nursery, we reviewed the early signs of labor I'd had:
  • Weight stabilization--check.
  • Nesting--check.
  • Contractions every 10-15 minutes--check.
  • Diarrhea (TMI??)--check.
 More signs than the day I had ND. We'd had several experienced parents forewarn us that third babies come quickly, so we decided to call my doula, Nicole, who agreed that things were probably happening; called my mom, who was on her way from Spokane with the kids to let her know we were probably having a baby that night; and did about 10 loads of laundry to get ready for Lampie's impending arrival.

Labor seemed to progress. Contractions got stronger and closer together, but I could still breathe through them and relax in between, so we decided we would continue with our plan to head to Baby Will's first birthday party. I couldn't stand up during contractions and was crawling around the house on my hands and knees, trying to put laundry away, but nevertheless, thought going to the birthday party was a good idea.

The car ride was difficult. We thought we'd stay a bit at the party and see how things went, but shortly after we got there, I had difficulty sitting still during contractions and soon my Mom K was pushing on my back during contractions and I thought we better hightail it out of there. Sam and ND were happy to be abandoned into the care of their fun grandparents, Aunt Teenie and the Uncles and Joe and I drove back home to meet Nicole.

I texted my multiple bosses and told them I wouldn't be in the next day because I WAS HAVING A BABY TONIGHT! I called Deanna, who'd requested to be present at this birth, and told her to get on the freakin' plane already.

My calm, engineer of a husband who never gets frazzled was so worked up he forgot our housekey at the birthday party and had to get spare key from our neighbor, Nigel.

Lala came to get ND and we hunkered down to labor. Nicole had me walking out in the frigid night air in an effort to ease my back labor and for several hours, we had good contractions up to 2 1/2 minutes apart, lasting a minute long.

Things seemed to die down a bit when she let me rest on the birthing ball, so we ended up walking a LOT that night. Finally, I was so tired I wanted to just lay down and labor in bed for awhile, which was pretty uncomfortable, so that was short-lived.

And then, at 1 am...everything stopped.

Nicole, Joe and I went to sleep for a few hours and I woke up with some contractions around 5am and tried to keep things going, but everything had died down by 730 or so. We decided Nicole should go home, but she recommended we get checked at the hospital, so Joe and I made our way over there to see what exactly was going on.

Baby was fine, but transverse with his head sort of hanging down and his body laying across the top of my abdomen. Not a position conducive to birth.

Definitely not in labor.

Today, I saw Terri Drury, a chiropractor in Clarkston, who is trained in Webster's technique that can be more successful than external cephalic version in turning malpositioned babies. She did some pelvic manipulations and told me to go home and lay upside down.

That, my friends, is harder than it sounds. Deanna and I made this inclined plane out of Lampie's crib board and some of the guest bedroom bed's slats. Getting my huge body onto this was difficult, to say the least.

Still contracting about every 10 minutes or so, but not as severe.

Lampie--turn around and get out already. This may be my hardest labor yet.
Love, your tired mama


mandy said...

Oh so frustrating! I know we are both ready to be done! Here's hoping that kiddo turns around and makes an appearance soon. Hang in there!

Rae said...

Why is this child (who isn't being BORN yet?) being so difficult? It must mean you are going to have the most angelic child EVER to make up for all of this. Or at the very least, you certainly deserve an awesome sleeper.