Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, January 26, 2013

the princess tent

 Steve and Teenie got ND one of her favorite presents: a princess tent!
Of course, it had to be set up right away. I thought it just popped up, but when it turned out to be much more complicated, involving tying poles inside the tent and having to get down on the ground, I was happy to step aside and let the Kaufman men take over.
Steve led the charge. If you know Steve at all, you know he's a hard worker who cheerfully pushes through any task until it is done. One summer, I drove truck for harvest while Steve drove the combine. It was at least 110 degrees outside and at one point, the combine got clogged up with wet plant stems, etc and Steve had to climb inside the combine (read: metal oven) and unclog the inner workings. I, new truck driver that I was, had turned off the truck and inadvertently turned off the CB, so when Steve didn't show up at the usual time to fill my truck, I took the opportunity to take a nap.
Eventually, Steve showed up, sweaty and tired but wearing a grin on his face and we continued to harvest the field.
So, when Steve was assembling the tent with three small children climbing on him while he tried to fit inside this silly little pink tent, I had no doubt he would accomplish the task. I realized the task might be starting to get a little obnoxious when he said, "Ok...I'm just about done with this"...referring not to the task but to the three small children climbing on him.
I felt a little bad.
But not too bad.

He and his wife did buy my daughter an impossible-to-assemble princess tent after all.

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