Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, January 13, 2013

the twelve days of Christmas (part one)

Our Christmas celebration actually started the weekend prior at the annual Poxleitner-palooza, but my hands were so busy shoving Christmas goodies of every variety into my mouth that I didn't have any time to reach for my camera. It had snowed just enough for Joe and the Uncles to take Sam & ND sledding. I hear they had a great time, although ND told me emphatically that she did NOT like getting snow in her face on their trips down the sledding hill. Sam also apparently had a good time, even when his Papa accidentally hit him in the face with a snow ball. Never one to be phased by snow in the face, Sam just licked it off and said, "Hhmm. Tastes good." Definitely not his mother's son.

I kept busy in the nice warm house, sampling snacks, until the crew came back inside. Sam and Natalie ran around with the pack of older kids and their Kaufman cousins for about 6 hours straight while the adults ate, drank, and stayed merry.

We decided to stay the night and managed to get our kids tucked into their sleeping bags just before the clock struck midnight. Both kids had had too much fun and were crying incessantly. Sam kept sobbing over and over again, "I don't want to go to sleep! I'm not tired!" while ND sobbed for her own bed in her own home. Ironically, they both woke up the following morning at the crack of dawn crying the exact same mantras.

After morning Mass, we loaded up our car, said good-bye to our ever-gracious hosts, and headed home to Lewiston to get ready for the rest of the Christmas celebrations. Stay tuned...

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