Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

twelve days of Christmas (part eight)

Ok...the last of the Kaufman Christmas pictures.
Papa and Grandma got ND some clothes for Christmas. She was a huge fan.

Uncle Jeff schools Sam in the fine art of foot massage.

Steve, Christina, and Ben (Will was napping)

Motorcycle boots

Aunt Teenie & Uncle Steve got Sam a book with instructions to make every kind of paper airplane imaginable. I've been folding a lot of paper lately.

Sam helps Uncle Steve open a present.

Fat and sassy...I parked in my recliner and let everyone bring presents to me.

Sam, Ben and ND were a roving band of gift unwrappers.

Ben opening a gift.

Papa and Uncle Phil mounted Joe's mule deer antlers from last year for Sam to hang in his bedroom. Uggh...taxidermy. But, it's hard to argue with Sam's big smile.

Aunt Teenie spoiled me with an ear warmer and infinity scarf she knitted. Turns out they're pretty nice to wear when your doula makes you walk miles in the frigid night air to induce labor. :) Teenie also gave me wooden spoons. My mom used to keep a wooden spoon in each room of the house and wave them at us to be quiet when my dad was working graveyard (I think she was sort of threatening to spank us with them, but never did...she was a big time bluffer). I thought it was nice that these three spoons were color coded--one for each child. :)

ND and Ben inspect her new sticker book.

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