Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, January 27, 2013

twelve days of Christmas (part five)

It was Team Eddy's year to spend Christmas in the Tri-Cities, so after Christmas, they swung through Lewiston to continue the celebration...and give a certain promising young resident an opportunity to interview at our local hospitals for possible jobs next year.
No strangers to hard work and chaos, the Eddys watched all of the six Co-op Kids while making a delicious Christmas feast for the Altmiller side of the family. (I was at work that day and, frankly, am not really that useful when I'm pregnant. Joe ended up driving to Spokane to buy us a mini-van to accommodate our three carseats and couldn't convince a single child it would be a fun adventure to join in).
Grown up table

Mandi and Jolie opening presents. Mandi gave birth two weeks ago and is amazingly organized for a mom of three while her husband is in Texas...although he comes home this weekend!

The Eddy girls: Ellie, Kate and Glory


Natalie Doris got her first set of jewelry and was thrilled.

Noah and Sam were pretty good buddies the whole week. They played with their Batman/Joker building sets and remote control cars with the kind of enthusiasm only little boys seem to have.

Mr. Dan and Lola Oyang

Lala and Smelly Ellie

ND & Sam made everyone salt dough ornaments for Christmas and Grandma A really enjoyed her purple star.

Uncle Noy

Aunt Becca took a few days off to spend in Orofino and joined the party with her usual sidekicks, the dogs.

Kevin found all the partying exhausting.

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