Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, January 25, 2013

twelve days of Christmas (part two)

No baby yet, but I figured I'd never get caught up on blogging once he came. Or, maybe he's just waiting for me to finish all of my very late posts  before he comes. Either way...we continue our Christmas adventures.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with the Kaufmans. We decided--unwisely--that we would take our overtired, overstimulated children to Christmas Eve mass, which led to Natalie crying the whole way to church. When she stopped abruptly, we turned around to find her fast asleep. Joe ended up spending Mass toting a drooling, sleeping 35lb 2 year old while Sam and I watched the festivities.

After the procession, Fr. Neely invited all the kids to come up to the altar for a discussion about Jesus' birthday. Sam was not feeling particularly shy, so he answered quite a few questions, even though some of the answers were fairly Protestant (thank you, Protestant preschool). Fr. Neely called him "my friend in the argyle sweater" and I, of course, was beaming with motherly pride that my son would engage in a  such a scholarly theological debate.

After Mass, we headed back to the Kaufmans for Christmas dinner and present opening. ND had woken up by that time and was in better spirits. All the grandchildren played while all the grown ups got dinner on the table....except for me. I sat my large pregnant body in a chair and was happy to let everyone else chase my children and wait on me.

ND and Uncle Phil

Sam playing legos

 Christina made hundreds of Christmas cookies and everyone was happy to sample them.
 Jeff and Mom K making dinner.
 Steve and Christina
Ben, Christina and Jeff

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