Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Happy 3rd birthday, Natalie Doris!

Dear Natalie Doris,
Happy third birthday, Pudge-girl! Three years ago, we were surprised to welcome a daughter into our family and we've never been the same since.

 You continue to be fiercely independent, strong willed and opinionated, which keeps your Dad and me on our toes and our patience always at its limits. But, you are growing every day and this year, we've been blessed to experience more of your joyful grins, laughter, and good times. This year, we've seen you master three major milestones: sleeping through the night (in a big girl bed!), potty-training (you decided it was time and did it, mastering it within a week), and giving up the binky in the daytime (that's probably been the hardest).

Without the binky ever-present in your mouth, you never stop talking. It's interesting to hear your thoughts about everything and anything. You love to sing songs and bring back tidbits of conversation from your teachers all the time. Dad and I sometimes wonder if our tidbits of conversation are making it back to them and try to watch what we say a little more carefully.

You are quite the girly girl and love everything pink, purple or sparkly. You like pretty shoes, necklaces, and "beautiful" dresses. You love brushing your Ninang's hair to make it look pretty. We try not to pigeon-hole you into gender stereotypes, but the way you giggle and clap when you read "Shoe-La-La" makes it hard not to.

You are still a Mama's girl, but this year, you've branched out a bit (probably because your mom has not been such a fun mom this year of endless pregnancy) and love spending time with Lala, Ninang, Kate and Glory, Aunt Teenie, and Grandma Dori...Dad, too, sometimes. You like to talk on the phone and love spending the night at Lala's house.

This year, you are most looking forward to becoming a big sister. You and Sam talk about being a big sister and big brother to our new baby at least daily. You've practiced holding your dolls, covering them, snuggling them, giving them binkies, singing them songs, strapping them into the swing, putting them in the car seat ad infinitum. You are very loving, if not very gentle. I think you're going to make a great big sister. Lampie will be lucky to have you.

Here's to a great year ahead. You add sass and adventure to our family every day and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Love, Mom and Dad


Anonymous said...

Grandma K and Papa agree--you have brought us so much joy and adventure in your own individual style. So keep being you, but remember that God gave you wise and wonderful parents so listen to them too. We wish you a very Happy Birthday, with much love!

Rae said...

3 already! Happy birthday to a sweet, sassy girl--and what the heck is your mama doing,posting this at 5am on a Saturday morning? (!)