Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, February 18, 2013

mean girls

The weather has been sunny and beautiful in Lewiston and I've been taking full advantage by trying to walk this baby out. Last weekend, I told my father-in-law that I would either a) walk until I went into labor and returned home with a baby in my arms or b) died trying. Well, both turned out to be empty threats and five miles later, I could scarcely hobble up the stairs.

Never one to give up (or learn from past mistakes), I decided to try the same plan this weekend. So, Joe and I loaded up the kids and their bikes in the minivan and headed down to the Levee for some walking and bike riding. Sam took off like a shot, now being the expert cyclist a 4 year old boy is...but ND was quite terrified she might fall into the river next to the path and cautiously and painfully slowly pedaled along beside her large mama.

Eventually, we made it to the playground to catch our collective breath.

While I was watching Sam ride laps around the playground, an 8 year old girl approached me.

Girl #1: Whoa. Your baby is huge. Like, REALLY huge.
Me: Um, yeah. I guess he is.
Girl #1 (calls over to her friends): Hey, guys! Come over here! Look at her belly! It's HUGE.
Two more 8-year old girls walk over.

Girl #2: When is your baby due?
Me: Well....he was due last week.
Girl #2: Are you SURE you only have one baby in there?
Me: Yes.
Girl #3: 'Cause my mom had twins, which means there are TWO babies.
Me: Oh?
Girl #3: And she wasn't even close to as big as you are.
All three girls: WOW!

What I wanted to say was "Shut the hell up."
But, realizing I was 31 and not, in fact, 8 years old, I made myself smile politely and walk away, just walk away.

Who needs the verbal abuse of a bunch of precocious 8 year olds anyway?
In other pregnancy news, we are at almost 41 weeks and made the difficult decision to cancel my induction today.

I stopped our priest in the hall at Mass yesterday and asked him if he knew any special prayers to induce labor. I was a bit disappointed when his prayer did not include the words "get this baby out", but rather mentioned "We ask you grant us patience as we wait for Your Holy and perfect timing..."

And so we wait....
Until 42 weeks.
Then I will have no qualms about induction.


Amy said...

At least you are clever even though your belly is huge.

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