Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

and that's the news from Casa Kaufman

It's been a chaotic month at Casa Kaufman as we adjust to life as parents of three and get ready for me to go back to work next week.
  • Henry remains the star of the show. Our daily life centers around his constant eating and our unfounded hopes of getting him to sleep on some sort of schedule. All of his constant eating is paying off, though...our 3 week old child is now wearing 3-6 month clothes. (We sadly discovered this last night after I tried to squeeze him into his pajamas and we didn't have any in a bigger size). He'll be joining me at the office next week so we can keep up with his persistent demands for food.
  • Sam has been a good helper. At almost 5, he can do a lot of things to help out, but I most appreciate his little observations about Henry and our family. This morning, he said, "Let's make a new rule that we never tell Mom 'No'." I thought this was pure genius! He saw the pictures of the new sidewalk art downtown in Sunday's paper and came up with the idea to go on a scavenger hunt. So, Monday afternoon, we brought the two pages from the paper and trekked around downtown, crossing off pictures of each bench, bicycle rack, etc until we found them all. Lastly, we attended All Saints' school's Teddy Bear tea earlier this month. We are getting ready to register this boy for kindergarten already!
  • Natalie Doris has mixed feelings about being a big sister. She loves Henry with her entire being, but also misses not being the baby of the family and punishes her parents by getting up frequently at night. Grandma Dori has come to the rescue by offering to take one or both big kids overnight on a weekly basis. In other ND news, she has joined the preschool class at gymnastics.
  • I realize there has been a fairly lengthy blog silence. Joe and I are getting ready to be a presenting couple at Engaged Encounter next month and always ones to procrastinate thrive under pressure, so we've been using the precious little time that Henry spends NOT nursing to crank out reflections on our marriage. It's no easy feat to be insightful, witty, and wise when you are sleep deprived, so I suspect we are falling short of our ministerial goals, but we are trying our best. Two more talks to expect post of pictures until then.
  • And, let me just say, THANK YOU to everyone who has been so helpful in bringing food, holding this baby, and doing our laundry (ahem, Teresa Wessels!). I promise we will write thank you notes in the near future, but please know we are surviving from all your good works!
And, that's the news from Casa Kaufman...where the mom is strong, the dad is good-looking and all of our THREE children are above average.


Deanna said...

Thanks for the news! Good luck on those talks.

Amy said...

Three is just a whole different ball game, isn't it? :)